Steven Collins
January 30, 2008
Readers of this blog and some of my articles know that I currently view the nation of India as fulfilling the prophecy of Ezekiel 38:13 about “Sheba and Dedan.” This biblical prophecy identifies latter-day nations by their ancient names so one must combine both secular historical information with modern geopolitics to see which nations are being guided by God to fulfill these prophesied roles.
Ezekiel 38 identifies that when an alliance led by “Gog and Magog” attacks an alliance led by the latter-day nations of the ten tribes of Israel, there will be a third grouping of nations which objects to this attack (making them either initially neutral or allies of the tribes of Israel). This third group is called “Sheba and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish with all the young lions thereof.” An article available at this website on the modern nation of Japan has more details on these identifications, but I identify Japan as the “merchants of Tarshish,” “the young lions thereof” as “the young tiger” nations of the Asian Pacific Rim and Sheba and Dedan as India. If the linkage between “Sheba and Dedan” with India is correct, we should expect India to move steadily closer to the nations of the tribes of Israel and the West. This is, so far, still happening.
In an important step which received little coverage in the western media, India has launched a vitally-important spy satellite for the Israelis. While the Israelis constitute the modern house (or tribe) of Judah, they are a brother tribe to the modern nations of the house of Israel and an important part of the western alliance. The Reuters and Jerusalem Post news links below detail the story. The latter link states that India placed into orbit “by far the most advanced satellite” Israel has launched to date, and it cites “growing Indian-Israeli cooperation” which already includes plans for more launches of Israeli satellites by India. When a nation trusts another nation to launch its most advanced satellites, it indicates that a very close degree of cooperation exists and that those nations regard each other as allies. The Reuters link notes that the spy satellite will keep an eye on Iran and other potential enemies of Israel.
Previous blogs have noted India’s closer military integration with the military forces of the western nations. India has had large naval maneuvers with the naval forces of the USA, Australia, Japan and Singapore (the latter two nations identified by me as being “Tarshish” and one of the “young lion” nations of the Pacific Rim). India has also been invited by the USA to send its air force pilots to the USA to participate in its elite military aviation exercises, and India’s linkage with American businesses is growing rapidly. That India is drawing closer to the modern nations of both the ten tribes of Israel and the tribe of Judah argue that India is, indeed, modern Sheba and Dedan.