India, as most readers of this blog realize, is increasingly threatened by the rapid militarization program of Communist China. As China rapidly increases its naval, nuclear, air, and cruise missile arsenals, India has no choice but to respond in kind to protect itself. India has embarked on a major naval modernization project as a previous blog detailed, but it is now developing and deploying new, long-range ICBMs which can reach potential targets in all of Pakistan, almost all of China and a large swath of Russia. The new ICBM which has been successfully tested and will be deployed by the Indian military has a 3,000 km range, but India will soon be deploying a much-longer range ICBM.

The newer Indian ICBM will have a range of 5,000 km and this will place not only all of China within range of India’s missiles, but all of Russia as well. To put it in a biblical perspective, when the newer ICBM is deployed, India will be able to target with nuclear warheads all the Asian nations that are in Ezekiel 38’s prophesied Gog-Magog alliance. The new 5,000 km missile is now “out of the drawing board,” which I take to mean that it is in the process of being built. The link below relates that India’s new 5,000 km ICBM will be flight-tested “within a year.”

As previous blogs have noted, I regard Ezekiel 38 as prophesying that India will not be part of the Gog-Magog alliance, but will be an ally of the West. Many have vilified former President Bush, but his efforts to initiate a strategic alliance between the USA and India will prove to be a vitally-important accomplishment in future years.

Matthew 24:22 also contains Jesus Christ’s prophecy that there will come a time of existential danger for the entire human race at the end of this age. As more nations obtain and deploy nuclear weapons and more nations build ever more powerful missiles to deliver nuclear weaponry over greater distances, the prophecy in Matthew 24:22 becomes ever more applicable to our modern world.

The Obama administration previously proclaimed that it favored nuclear non-proliferation among the nations and even a reduction in the nuclear arsenals of the USA and Russia. Paradoxically, if Obama refuses to strike Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities, it is all but certain that there will be a major increase in nuclear-armed nations around the world as all nations will know that the UN, the USA, NATO, etc. all lack the will to do anything to stop dangerous nations from obtaining nukes. If Obama cannot find the backbone to stop Iran’s nuclear program, many more nations will have the need (and right) to build their own nuclear weapons to defend themselves. Previous blogs reported that South Korea has long had a secret nuclear program, that Japan could have nukes in a very short time, and that Saudi Arabia may already have nuclear weapons as well (albeit stored for them by the Pakistani military until such time as Saudi Arabia wants to take control of them). If Iran obtains nuclear weapons, I think the Saudis will want Pakistan to send them the Saudi nukes.

The world could become a much more dangerous place if the USA and/or the Israelis attack Iran’s nuclear weapons facilities as it would most likely unleash a wider war. However, if the USA doesn’t attack Iran, the world will definitely become a more dangerous place due to the nuclear proliferation that American passivity would surely unleash. Obama finds himself caught between a geopolitical Scylla and Carybdis vis a vis Iran. There may be no middle course as sanctions are almost certain to fail as they always have failed in the past. Obama will eventually have to make a hard choice as to which option is the lesser of two evils.