Previous blogs have commented on the fact that India is being pushed closer to the USA and the West due to the growing threat posed by China’s military expansion. A recent blog reported that India was embarking on a major program to build more submarines and warships to counter the rapid expansion of the Chinese navy. The link below reports that India has now also seen the need to expand its army and air force to counter the “grave challenge” of the rapidly-growing Chinese military power in land and air forces.

My thanks to reader, Pat, for sending me this link. As it points out, India’s military would be no match for China at the present time, especially since China and Pakistan (India’s other historic enemy) are allies and both of them could fight against India simultaneously in a war. This doesn’t even mention the fact that Russia and China have signed a strategic alliance so India has all three of these nations to fear.

India is increasingly friendly with the military and intelligence services of the USA, the Israelis and other western nations (as previous blogs have documented). India’s navy has held naval exercises with the navies of the USA, Australia, Japan and Singapore. I believe Ezekiel 38 prophesied about this modern latter-day trend over 2500 years ago when it listed the nations who would be allied for and against the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel (the USA, the UK, many NATO nations, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Scandinavia, etc.). India is also being drawn steadily into an alliance with Japan, South Korea, and other Pacific Rim nations who are also threatened by China’s aggressive military rearmament programs. Ezekiel 38:13 lists Sheba and Dedan, Tarshish and the “young lion” nations as NOT being allied to Russia, China, Iran, etc. against the nations of modern Israel in the latter days. My blogs have identified “Sheba and Dedan” as India, “Tarshish” as Japan and the “young lion” nations as the “young tiger” nations of the Pacific Rim. It is remarkable that the Bible’s use of the term “young lion” nations, written over 2,500 years ago, so accurately forecast that the modern world would call these Pacific Rim nations the “young tiger” nations. There were no tigers in ancient Israel’s lands, so “lion” was the closest word that could have been used in the scriptures. The link below is 100% consistent with what I have written in previous blogs about India’s role in prophecy. India badly needs allies with military muscle. Current trends indicate that the USA, the Israelis, Japan, Australia, and the “young tiger” nations of Asia will be those allies. For more specific biblical information about Japan, India and the “young tiger” nations in biblical prophecy, see my article entitled “Japan’s Role in Biblical Prophecy.”