This post will be shorter than usual as I realize American readers are busy at this time with July 4th travel plans and various activities.

A state visit recently occurred between the leaders of India and the USA. It deserved more media attention than it received. This important summit advanced the process of these two nations becoming formal allies within the larger “Quad” alliance of the USA, Japan, Australia and India. The first link analyses the geopolitical factors relentlessly pushing the two nations together. While trade and economic barriers between the two nations are gradually being transcended, the steadily closer military ties are what is really “the big story” of this warmer relationship.

The second link has a statement which I especially want to draw your attention to. It is: “The two militaries are working more closely together. They now have arrangements in place where they could use each other’s facilities for refueling and maintenance purposes.” In the event of an Indo-Pacific war, I wonder if “maintenance purposes” also includes re-arming and repair capabilities? I suspect it does mean that. The link adds that the two nations are increasing joint military exercises and also the sharing of intelligence. The link accurately observes that this means the two nations are drawing closer to a “full-fledged alliance.”

The simple truth is that India and the USA very much need each other to be allies to serve as a counterweight to each nation’s vulnerability to a rapidly-militarizing China. India faces not only a nuclear-armed China, but also a nuclear-armed Pakistan as a bordering rival nation. India needs the USA as a military ally. The USA faces not only a nuclear-armed China, but a nuclear-armed North Korea and a nuclear-armed Russia in the Pacific region.  The USA needs India as much as India needs the USA. Russia has long been a major military arms seller to India, but Russia has made it clear that its primary ally is China, not India. India sees this and is gradually moving closer to the USA.

In a research paper I wrote decades ago about the biblical prophecies concerning the latter-days, I penned my view that Ezekiel 38 identified India and Japan as leaders of various Indo-Pacific nations that would become allies of the USA, NATO and the Western democracies. That viewpoint has become reality as modern events unfold. It is also apparent that God’s will in keeping his promises and making his prophecies come true will happen regardless of who is in the White House or who is in power in other nations. The God of the Bible challenges all to look at his ability to fulfill his prophecies as proof of his invisible reality and complete sovereignty (Isaiah 41:21-23, 42:9 and 46:9-11). Latter-day biblical prophecies were made millennia ago. That they are specifically coming to pass together at this point in history confirms that we are living in the latter days and that the God of the Bible is implementing his prophecies regardless of whether people realize it or not.

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