The lead story in the first link below reports that India has deployed new cruise-missiles along its northern border region and aimed them at China. The missiles, with a 180 mile range, have been deployed because China has already placed missiles in Tibet which are aimed at India. Therefore, India’s action is an act of necessary self-defense. The article also notes that China is deepening its alliance with Pakistan, which places India in an even more dangerous position of being wedged between two hostile neighbors (China and Pakistan) who are both nuclear powers.

The link comments that India has taken action to deepen its ties to Vietnam. India’s need to defend itself against both Pakistan and China is compelling India to draw closer to regional allies such Japan, Singapore, Australia, the Philippines, Taiwan, South Korea and Vietnam as well as the USA. These actions are fulfilling the prophecy of Ezekiel 38 that Russia, China and Iran would lead an alliance of nations against the western nations (led by the modern nations of the house of Israel—even though the leaders of these western nations do not realize that they are descended from the ancient ten tribes of Israel—a fact easily proven in my books). Ezekiel 38:13’s prophecy that Japan, India and the “young lion” nations of the Pacific Rim (called the “young tiger” nations in the Financial press) would form an Asian alliance which would oppose the Gog-Magog alliance is steadily becoming more fulfilled as time passes. That modern alliances are falling into place exactly as prophesied over 2500 years ago confirms that the Bible is inspired by God and that He is guiding the destinies of modern nations (whether they know it or not).

China spends far more on its military programs than does India, so India is in a position where it needs to build (or buy) more modern weaponry of its own or it will fall further behind China in its military capabilities. Indeed, the second link reports that top Indian military leaders are warning India’s government that it needs to do more to catch up with China’s rapid military expansion.

The final link is a follow-up to my recent blog post about China threatening Vietnam and the Philippines with war over rival claims in the South China Sea. This recent report repeats China’s threat of war against “little countries” like the Philippines and Vietnam and the article hints that China realizes that the USA stands behind these other nations in any war. That China realizes this and is still threatening war with regional nations reinforces my belief that China wants a limited war to test its forces against the American navy and weaponry. If China is confident that its new weaponry can sink US carriers, it will be looking for a regional, limited war to test that capability which would allow it to back down quickly if it turns out that the US carriers can defend themselves against China’s new anti-carrier weapons. If the US carriers cannot defend themselves against China’s new weaponry, the world will become a very dangerous place very quickly.