The slow-motion process via which the Israelis and Americans are trying to decide whether to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities continues. Diplomatic obfuscation seems to characterize all the public statements about “sanctions” and whether such an attack will be needed. However, as diplomatic talk goes on and on and on, very serious war preparations are being made on both sides to fight such a war. The links below (from Israeli sources) detail some of these preparations which you are not likely to hear about in the American media.

The first link reports that Syria has made a “secret transfer” of new longer-range missiles to Hezbollah forces in Lebanon. These new missiles can reach “almost every Israeli city,” and will be hard to bomb due to the missile launch sites Hezbollah has built into the Lebanese mountains. Reportedly, an unnamed U.S. official stated that this escalated militarization of Hezbollah forces has “paved the way to war similar to [the] Israel-Hezbollah conflict of 2006.” The second link is no longer available for public access, but the title of it confirms the subject matter so I’ve included it below. It was a report that Hezbollah is training 5,000 fighters to infiltrate the Israeli Galilee area and sow death and destruction in northern Israeli towns. What is not clear is how Hezbollah plans to get them into northern Israel. Will they be transported by Syrian helicopters or parachuted from Syrian transports? Via the Mediterranean Sea followed by inland infiltration? A frontal assault on the security fence separating Israel and Lebanon? I recall being in the far north of Israel in August, 2000 and standing at that border fence. An Israeli home’s backyard was literally against that border fence in the town I visited. Hezbollah could rain destruction on northern Israeli towns simply by using mortars in some cases.

The third link reports that Israeli war plans include having Israeli forces “strike Iran from [the Persian] Gulf and N. Iraq” (see top line). Egyptian sources report that the U.S. Navy has been charting Iranian beaches for the best places for landing Israeli special operations personnel. It is odd this report would come from Egypt. It is not clear what purpose it would serve to land Israeli commandoes on Iran’s beaches. The Israelis hardly have an interest in a ground war against Iran, and I’m not aware of any reported Iranian nuclear facilities close to the Persian Gulf shores. While not discussed in the article itself, the title refers to an Israeli strike via Northern Iraq and the Persian Gulf. This does make sense, and it would indicate that the Israelis have an agreement with the Kurdish Autonomous Zone government in Northern Iraq to host Israeli forces in the event Israel has to strike Iran. This could include the hosting of missiles to be fired at Iran, allowing Israeli airplanes to land and refuel there as well as the use its airspace unhindered. The Kurdish government could easily receive Israeli weaponry in exchange for this help. The Israelis could also launch cruise missiles from their strategic submarines at Iranian targets from the Persian Gulf or Arabian Sea. I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if the Israelis have nuclear-tipped cruise missiles on their submarines and on alert warplanes at Israeli airports to hit Iran, Syria and Hezbollah with nuclear weapons if Weapons of Mass destruction are on missiles fired at Israeli targets from Syria or from Hezbollah forces in Lebanon.

The fourth link reports that Iranian pressure “has stiffened Syria’s spine” to join Iran in any war with Israel. Reportedly, “Syria will not stand by idly next time round if Israel goes to war against Iran’s nuclear program or an aggressive Hizbollah or Hamas, but go for Israel’s cities.” There have been “massive Iranian airlifts for boosting Syria’s missile programs.”

Given the information in the above links, it is clear that both Iran (and its proxies) and the Israelis are preparing for war. Jesus Christ prophesied that there would be “wars and rumors of wars” as the latter days drew to an end. It is not yet clear whether the current Iranian-Israeli confrontation will result in a shooting war or remain a “rumor of war,” but the odds that it will become a shooting war grow as the respective sides take increasing measures to prepare to fight such a war. It seems to me that, given current information, either the Israelis will finally feel so threatened that they will have to make a preemptive strike or that Iran will simply strike first when it feels it has enough weaponry in place to cripple Israeli cities and defenses. This is an increasingly dangerous situation, and bears close watching.