Well, it has happened again. Another wave of Islamic Jihadis have launched a wave of coordinated terrorist attacks in several nations and against different types of targets. The first link reviews the nature of the coordinated terrorist attacks in three nations. In Tunisia, Islamic Jihadis attacked foreign tourists on vacation. It was a very costly attack as 38 died and “at least” 39 more were wounded. At least 15 of the dead were British citizens. Obviously, foreign tourists are fleeing the nation, and it may well be the terrorist attack was designed to make western tourists avoid Islamic nations. Doing so will hurt the finances of many secular and moderate Islamic nations, and that will help the cause of the Islamic radicals.

The second attack was made by Islamic terrorists against Shiite Muslims in Kuwait while they were in prayer. ISIL, a Sunni terrorist group, claimed responsibility for both these attacks. Tunisia and Kuwait are moderate Islamic nations and Kuwait has been largely free of the wave of sectarian Sunni vs. Shiite Muslim violence so far. It is very likely that ISIL is trying to cause a wider sectarian war between these two branches of Islam. Twenty-seven were killed in the Kuwait attack and 227 wounded! This was a very major attack.

The third attack was in France where a terrorist “with history of radical Islam” caused a blast at an American-owned facility in France (first link and second link). The terrorist “beheaded his boss” and caused an explosion at the facility. Beheading is a signature ISIL way of brutal murder that has been used with other captives within ISIL territory. The man may have been sent by ISIL or he may have been a “lone wolf” terrorist inspired by ISIL and Jihadi media sites. However, since his attack was nearly simultaneous with the other two attacks, it argues his was coordinated by ISIL as well to occur at that time. That attack reminds me of an Islamic lone-wolf attacker who beheaded an American woman at her place of employment in Oklahoma last year (third link).

It cannot be overlooked that the attack in France was directed against a US-owned facility. That may be a harbinger of where future ISIL attacks may occur. Apparently, the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has noticed this as well. The Director of DHS has issued warnings to American law enforcement agencies and Americans to be vigilant for possible terrorist attacks during the USA’s July 4th celebrations (fourth link and fifth link).

The fourth link notes that the heightened risk over the July 4th celebrations is due to “ongoing threats by the Islamic State and other homegrown terrorists.” The Islamic terrorist who beheaded the woman in Oklahoma was one of those “homegrown terrorists” who acted apparently on his own, inspired by radical Islamic literature or media. The fifth link, from ABC News, reports that the New York Police Department will be using a specially-equipped boat that detects any radiological “dirty bomb” that might be set off. ISIL has threatened to attack America so it is very important for Americans to be vigilant about any possible threats as ISIL is now showing a capacity to coordinate attacks in many locations at once.

The increasing danger of ever-increasing terrorist attacks reminds us of the truth of the Apostle Paul’s prophecy in II Timothy 3:1 that in the latter days “perilous times will come.” His prophecy is right on the mark–in so many ways. If any reader has not yet read my article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?, I strongly urge you to do so. You will see it is very easy to prove that the biblical prophecies about the latter days are coming true in our modern time, which affirms that the God who inspired the Bible has to be alive and either able to foresee the future or be in control of mankind’s future events to make ancient prophecies come true right on time.

I wish every American a meaningful July 4th observance. We should never forget we owe our national independence and blessings to the Creator God who gives every good gift (James 1:17).

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