Earlier blogs have commented on the swiftly rising military power of China. The link below provides an extensive photo gallery of China’s new classes of naval vessels either already deployed or under construction. It also includes photos of their warplanes. There is little doubt that China is swiftly building a “blue water fleet” which can only be intended to confront the USA and the Western nations. The phrase “a picture is worth a thousands words” is apropos for the warning this photo gallery should send to all viewers. Send it to your friends who care about America’s security. If one picture is “worth a thousand words,” an entire photo gallery documenting China’s rapid militarization is worth even more words. Therefore, this will be a short posting. The photo gallery speaks for itself!
There is little doubt that Ezekiel 38’s prophecy about Russia, China, Iran and their allies attacking the nations of the Western world in the latter days of this age is accelerating toward its inevitable fulfillment. Russia, China and Iran are all in a state of rapid militarization and their shared hostility toward the USA and the West is steadily growing (as anyone who follows world events already knows). How bizarre is it that American and Western nations have moved much of their industrial production facilities to China, the world’s largest Communist nation? The national and corporate leaders who moved Western industrial facilities to China (in search of short-term profits) will eventually “rue the day” they were enticed into making such foolish long-term choices.
In spite of the “plain as day” evidence that Russia, China and Iran are now cooperating in an anti-American, anti-Western alliance, the Western world seems blind to its growing peril. The people of the historically-Christian, Western nations have forgotten the God who bestowed great blessings upon them, so they are blind to biblical prophetic fulfillments happening all around them. There is no reason for you to be blind though, dear reader. Help warn others now…while there is time for you to do so.
Steven Collins
May 24, 2007