As long-time readers of this blog know, I periodically devote a post to important military developments around the world. This is one such occasion as much is happening in military matters that does not make the evening news.

For a long time, the Philippines has had a very strategic location, but also has had a very weak military. That nation’s strategic position results from it being on the east side of the strategic South China Sea and its northern-most islands being just south of Taiwan. The Philippines is taking actions to beef up its military (first link) and to create stronger regional alliances with partner nations. While there is an obvious time lag between deciding to beef up a nation’s military forces and actually having that happen, it is welcome that the Philippines has begun the process of making major increases in its armed forces. Recognizing its strategic position bordering the South China Sea, the Philippines has forged a closer tie with Australia (second link), which is also located south of the South China Sea and is also a member of the Quad alliance consisting of Australia, Japan, India and the USA. With Russia invading Ukraine and Iran giving the green light to the invasion of Israel by Hamas, one wonders if a Chinese invasion of Taiwan is imminent as well. The Philippines has also signed closer defense ties with Japan and is an ally of the USA. If China attacks Taiwan, the Philippines’ strategic position could become very important. The Philippines’ airports can serve as re-arming and re-fueling spots for the warplanes of all nations helping Taiwan repel a Chinese invasion. Indeed, if the USA loses a carrier in a war with China, its naval warplanes could land and re-arm on Philippine airfields and make additional sorties from there.

China has built far more warships than the USA in recent years, and that has steadily weakened the US Navy’s position vis-à-vis China’s navy. In an attempt to even the odds, the USA is developing a new air-launched, anti-ship missile which it hopes to deploy by 2027. This missile is designed to have greater power, greater range and also be cost effective. A second anti-ship missile is also detailed in the third link. Such replacements for the long-serving Harpoon missile is likely sorely needed.

The fourth link relates the fact that the US Army cannot attract enough enlistees to meet its personnel goals. This did not used to be a problem, so it is almost certain that the reason why young Americans shy away from military enlistments is that they do not want to be subjected to the Biden administration’s Leftist social propaganda.The Biden administration seems far more focused on imposing Leftist ideology on new recruits than in molding a fighting force that can win wars. The US army is already very small for its potential global missions, and its steady reduction in numbers will almost surely bring up the issue of conscription to expand the army’s numbers. The efforts of the US Army to adapt its strategies to an ever-shrinking army are detailed in the fifth link.

The sixth link and seventh link contain updates on the war against international shipping via the Suez Canal being waged by Iran via its Houthi proxies. One ship damaged earlier by missiles fired by the Houthis has sunk according to news reports in the last few days, and the sixth link has a particularly-disturbing report. It relates that the Iranian-backed forces are in the process of cutting or damaging underwater communications cables. These cables are vital for communications in the region, and the fact that Iran is working to cut or damage them already argues Iran is preparing for a wider regional war. Let us be clear in understanding the Houthis could not do anything like this on their own. They are a rag-tag, poor tribe in the poor nation of Yemen. The Houthis could not develop, buy or operate missile and drone systems or detect and damage underseas cables. The question needs to be asked: How are these submerged cables being found and damaged? Does Iran have its submarines in the area doing this or are they using submersibles dropped from surface ships. The Biden administration seems helpless to prevent Iran from doing whatever it wishes to do in the region.

Remember the large Chinese spy balloon that traversed the entire width of the USA while the Biden administration did nothing? It should have been shot down as soon as it was detected rather than let it circle and linger around key US military bases. Waiting to shoot it down until it would fall in the Atlantic Ocean was very poor strategy: it meant the salt water would degrade many of the electronic listening devices on that balloon as soon as it was immersed in the Atlantic waters. This would prevent the US intelligence agencies from learning what information the Chinese spy balloon gathered as it crossed the USA while the Biden administration dithered. Another balloon has been spotted drifting across the USA, but the Biden administration has decreed it to be “small” and “non-threatening” even as they also declare they don’t know where it came from (eighth link). If military agencies are uncertain where it came from and don’t know its mission, it should be presumed hostile and shot down promptly to determine what listening devices or electronic gear is on it. I saw a story on the TV news that this “small” balloon was three stories high, so it was “small” only compared to the giant balloon the Biden administration allowed to traverse the entire USA.

India’s military is taking a major step forward in developing a sub-launched, nuclear-capable cruise missile (ninth link). Here’s hoping India’s missile works better than the sub-launched, ballistic missiles deployed on British submarines. In a major embarrassment to the British military, two consecutive test-firings of sub-launched, Trident ballistic missiles have failed (tenth link). This is the United Kingdom’s main deterrent in the modern age, and each time the UK has a failed test of the missile, it loses more of its deterrent value. I hope the third test of the UK’s Trident nuclear missile is a success. For the sake of the British military and the NATO alliance, it better be a success!

The US Southern border, left wide open by the Biden administration, is also posing a greater security threat to the USA. A US Senator has warned about the dangers posed by the masses of unscreened and unvetted illegal immigrants pouring into the nation from Mexico (eleventh link). The twelve link reports that “over 20,000” Chinese have attempted to cross into the USA from Mexico just since October 1st and that a House Committee has warned that “hundreds of thousands” of inadmissible illegal aliens have been let into the USA by the Biden administration. As an example of what kinds of weapons may be sloshing around secretly inside the USA for foreign sleeper cells to use if a larger war breaks out in the Mideast, a rocket-launcher was found in a car trunk in Massachusetts (thirteenth link). Think of the damage that rocket could cause if terrorists in our midst fired such weapons at our electric utility infrastructure or other critical infrastructure targets!

The USA and the world are headed into steadily more dangerous times. The Apostle Paul was right when he warned that the latter days of our age would see “perilous times” (II Timothy 3:1-9). Jesus Christ prophesied in Matthew 24:6-7 that the times just before his return to earth would be characterized by “wars and rumors of wars” and that “nation shall rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom.” No one can deny that prophecy is coming true. A research report I wrote many years ago examines the biblical latter-day prophecies in great detail. It is entitled What Ezekiel 38-39 Reveal about a Future World War IIIGiven that very dangerous and challenging times lie ahead of us, I suggest everyone make such preparations for themselves and their families as they can. An article on that topic, Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times?, is also available at my website. While my books on the history and modern locations of the ten tribes of Israel are available for an affordable price, all articles, audio messages and blogs at my website can be accessed without charge.