Russia recently conducted a very large military exercise on/just off the northern coast of mainland Europe. You didn’t hear about it? News about the exercise and its possible purpose was apparently censored out of the western establishment media. I heard about it today via a reader sending me the second link and the third link being printed today in my local newspaper. The first link I found in a Web search.

Many readers may be confused in understanding how Russia could conduct large military exercises on and just off the coast of northern Europe. Given the abysmal state of the educational system in the USA, not very many Americans are likely aware that Russia actually has a sovereign presence on the northern coast of Europe in an enclave called Kaliningrad. It is located in the far northern part of the European continent on the Baltic Sea and is sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania. It is, literally, a part of “Mother Russia.” Last month, Vladimir Putin ordered a “snap drill” of Russian military forces in and off the coast of Kaliningrad. It involved over 9,000 Russian soldiers and “more than 55 naval ships.” That is a large number of troops and ships being deployed to test how quickly they can respond to an attack order when/if that day comes. The first link gives details about the types of Russian forces deployed in this exercise. Frankly, I didn’t realize Russia even had “more than 55 naval ships” that it could quickly deploy into the waters off the northern coast of Europe. How many ships can the NATO nations quickly deploy in the same region with only a few minutes or hours notice?

Lithuania sure got the message Russia sent in its military exercise. The second link reports that the Lithuanian government has responded by informing its citizens how to cope with a Russian invasion on Lithuanian soil. You will note that part of the instruction includes an assumption that Lithuania would be conquered quite quickly and how Lithuanians could obstruct Russian efforts by working slowly at their jobs. Other European nations got the message too. The leaders of Austria, France, Hungary, and Italy “called for the diminution of sanctions against Russia” (third link).

The third link, a column printed in some US newspapers (including my hometown newspaper, but since I couldn’t find the link at its website, I have included it from another newspaper that carried the same column) has unusually candid language about how the USA instigated the Ukrainian “revolution” that toppled a democratically-elected Ukrainian administration that supported Russia. It “names names” about who in the State Department coordinated the coup, but it is obvious, I think, to all that this coup would not have been instigated by the State Department’s officials without approval from President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry. The column warns that further provocations/sanctions versus Russia could provoke a “new Cold War.” It further ominously warns that any plans to quickly admit the Ukraine to NATO or place lethal weaponry in Ukraine to be used versus Russia has “resulted in plans by Russia to increase weapons in its Kaliningrad enclave on the Baltic Sea and in Belarus.” Think about what weapons could be placed in Kaliningrad that could be used to quickly defeat NATO in any war that gets provoked over the Ukrainian crisis. Take a look at a map of Europe and find the Kaliningrad region of Russia. Russia could place large numbers of short- and long-range cruise missiles in Kaliningrad, and in the opening round of a war in Europe, fire them at numerous militarily strategic targets in NATO nations. Germany, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Denmark, Finland and Sweden would be especially vulnerable to any Russian attack. Technically, Sweden and Finland are not NATO members, but they have considered joining NATO and Russia could choose, as a precaution, to neutralize their military capabilities in the opening round of any war in Europe.

I do not know the range of Russia’s cruise missiles, but such nations as the Netherlands, Norway, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary could also be within reach of Russian cruise missiles launched from Kaliningrad. Virtually all of Europe’s NATO members are within reach of Russian warplanes launched with bomb loads from Kaliningrad’s airports. Ezekiel 38:15 prophesies that the nations of the modern ten tribes of Israel will be primarily attacked from the north in the final age-ending Gog-Magog war when Russia, China, Iran and their allies attack the modern Israelite nations (the USA, many NATO nations and their global allies). It is obvious that the USA and Canada would be attacked from the north via Alaska and that Australia and New Zealand would be attacked from the north from China, but not many may have realized that the Israelite/NATO nations could easily be attacked from the north out of Kaliningrad. Also, the Scandinavian nations can be attacked from the north by Russian forces based in the region of Murmansk.

The USA and NATO are playing a weak hand in the Ukrainian crisis, which the third link asserts was instigated by the USA itself. This would explain why European nations have been so reluctant to join the American-demanded sanctions vs. Russia. They are not only in a weak military position vis-à-vis Russia, but their intelligence agencies likely realize the Obama administration caused the crisis. Indeed, this begs the question: Why would the Obama administration provoke such a risky crisis in the Ukraine by staging a coup to remove its elected government and install a puppet “pro-western” government?

The fourth through sixth links offer a very plausible explanation for this action. These links offer differing perspectives on a report that the USA provoked the Ukrainian crisis so it could quickly seize the Ukrainian gold reserves and fly them to the USA (most likely to the vaults of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, as the fourth link asserts). The motive? To prolong the paper gold price machinations by Wall Street’s insiders. The fifth link also strongly infers that the unprovoked and odd US/NATO bombing and destruction of Libya in 2011 was to seize the Libyan gold reserves for the same purpose. The fourth link offers specific details about the seizure of the Ukrainian gold and its transfer to the US Federal Reserve. It also indicates that the USA seized the gold of, not only the Ukraine and Libya, but also of Iraq in the longstanding Mideastern wars. If the US has had to orchestrate wars to seize the entire gold reserves of other nations, it argues that the USA is out of gold and is in such a state of desperation that it has to steal gold in order to continue machinations to artificially suppress the price of gold (as the sixth link asserts). One thing is sure, as is noted in the cited links, the people of Iraq, Libya and the Ukraine are not likely to ever see their gold again. For a detailed examination of how “naked short selling” is used in the futures markets to rig and manipulate the price of gold, please examine as many of the links as you wish in the final link. There are so many links and stories about this gold-price suppression scheme and so many commentaries about it on the Internet that it is certain all the nations and big investors know about it. However, I think it is safe to say they’d rather that you not know about it. In the NATO vs. Russia confrontation over the Ukraine, the gold connection also ties this chain of events to the prophesied eventual collapse of the current “Babylon the Great” financial/monetary/commercial system centered in Wall Street and the US Federal Reserve Board (if you have not done so, please read my article entitled, The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System, which explains why the Bible refers to our modern system of world finance as Babylon the Great).

The nations, their leaders and their allies in the world of global finance think they are in control of the world’s events and direction. They are not. God is the one in control and he will decide when the current system will collapse, as Revelation 17-18 prophesy. At times of God’s choosing, he will set events in motion by putting thoughts in the minds of leaders and world financial bosses to implement his will by taking actions God wants them to take to fulfill his prophecies (Proverbs 21:1). Perhaps God just did this very thing when the Bank of Switzerland shocked everyone by taking an independent action no one expected and which roiled global financial markets.

Perhaps 2015 will prove to be a very important year in the march of prophetic fulfillments. The major media and financial press will never give you the “insider” information about God’s plans for future world events, but, to the best of my ability, you will gain such insights in this blog. I don’t claim to know everything (no human does), but I do see the incredible accuracy of biblical prophecy re: modern events, and will do my best to keep passing that on to readers with whatever strength God provides.

We do live in interesting times!