This link from The Washington Times, has a very ominous message for all Americans. I doubt very many Americans will be allowed to know about it, however, as the establishment media are not likely to tell them about it. Perhaps readers of this blog in other nations do have media that is reporting on this major development.

The link reports that the 188 member nations of the IMF have given the US government an ultimatum: either cooperate in the termination of the USA’s current dominance of the IMF’s voting rights structure in IMF matters “or else.” Currently, the USA has an effective veto power in the IMF as a vestigial remnant of the USA’s global dominance that existed after World War II when the current system of monetary and financial controls was instituted. The USA was then a global superpower in both military and economic measurements. Today, the USA still has massive military power, but its financial dominance has evaporated. A series of profligate presidencies and congresses have, over several decades, squandered America’s economic and financial strength and have turned the USA into the world’s greatest debtor nation.

The IMF has essentially ordered the US government to “get its house in order” by the end of this year. The IMF has demanded the US government surrender its current dominance in the IMF’s voting structure and transfer considerable power to Russia and China within the IMF’s voting rules in order to reflect the growing weakness of the USA’s global financial position. The USA has so far refused to cooperate in this change and has blocked it from being enacted. However, the IMF ultimatum includes the threat of a “Plan B” if the USA continues to block reforms within the IMF. The article states that the IMF “may make plans to reform the IMF without waiting for Washington.” Since the USA has a veto power over the changes demanded by the rest of the world in the current IMF rules, I take this to mean that the IMF nations could agree to scrap the IMF altogether and form a new global institution in which the USA will be “told” what its voting power will be and the USA will have a greatly-diminished role in the new global financial system. If this happens, the current dominant role of the US dollar will, obviously, be severely downgraded. Indeed, if the rest of the world has to forcibly scrap the current, US dollar-dominated IMF system and institute an entirely new global system of global finance, there may be an unveiling of new gold- and commodity-backed currencies that, combined, will replace the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

The IMF’s ultimatum to the USA is one more possible “trigger” which could fulfill the critically-important prophecy of Revelation 17-18 that the world’s dominant financial/monetary system in the latter days will experience a very traumatic collapse when it is forcibly pulled down by an alliance of “seven heads and ten horns” (most likely nations but that is not absolutely certain) and replaced by a new global system which the Bible calls the “beast” system.

The USA now dominates the world’s financial and monetary system and it has done so since the end of World War II. The US Federal Reserve Board has been the beating heart of the current global monetary system because it creates and controls the supply of US dollars in the global economy. The USA used to manage the world’s economy responsibly, but in recent decades, American governments have propelled the US federal deficit into the stratosphere and the Fed has long had to create vast amounts of fantasy dollars to buy up the troves of US federal debt instruments that would have no buyers unless the Fed created those fantasy dollars to purchase them. The IMF’s ultimatum makes a clear statement that the rest of the world is “fed up” with the USA’s mismanagement of the current system of global finance, and that the current system’s days are numbered. Unless the USA agrees to give up its veto power at the IMF, accept a downgraded role for the US dollar and transfer significant power to other nations such as Russia and China, the IMF will unveil “plan B,” which I’m quite sure the USA will not like at all.

Has the establishment media told you in any detail about this impending crisis? I doubt it. The coming changes in the global financial/monetary system could affect you greatly. What the IMF is threatening to do will particularly affect Americans negatively. I wonder who America’s profligate politicians will blame if this development comes to pass? It is interesting, in my viewpoint, that the IMF delayed its ultimatum to the USA until after America’s congressional election in November, 2014. I suggest you read my article, Should Christians Prepare for Future Hard Times?, for some ideas about how you can personally start to prepare for difficult times that seem to be looming ahead of us.

My thanks to a reader for drawing my attention to this article.