The release of recent scientific studies have revealed, much to the chagrin of the “global warming” alarmists, that “hundreds” of islands are actually growing in surface size, not shrinking! This scientific conclusion was based on analysis of satellite data, so it is well-sourced. If record glacial melting and other factors were really leading to a warming planet there would be measurable shrinkage of all oceanic islands. That is clearly not happening, calling into question the validity of all “global warming” claims.

The first link reports that scientific surveys revealed that, literally, hundreds of Pacific Islands are growing in land surface area. Some islands are 8% larger in surface size that they were decades ago. The second link reports that many islands have grown 2.45-2.9% larger in land surface. Some of the islands included in the survey are the Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Micronesia, the Gilbert Islands and the Maldive Islands (located in the Indian Ocean). Despite the fact that the expanding surface area of so many islands puts the lie to global warming claims, the links still include “global warming” language in their discussion of these surveys. If the polar ice-caps are shrinking and the Greenland ice sheet is melting at a high rate, then the ocean levels should be rising measurably. That is obviously not happening, according to this scientific survey.

Note that these two links are dated in 2021, arguing that the anti-global warming findings of these surveys likely led them to be suppressed for some time. One link makes a halfhearted attempt to attribute the expanding surface areas of these islands to such factors as seashell and coral reef fragments accumulating on the edge of these islands. That attempt ignores such factors as tides, storms and normal wave action in the results of these surveys. Obviously, waves can bring shell and coral fragments onto the edge of a coastline, but they can also just as easily pull them back out to sea when the tide goes out or outgoing wave actions get stronger. If the global warming crowd was right, tiny island chains and island nations should have been steadily disappearing under the sea long ago.  Yet the opposite has happened. If global warming was a severe problem, all islands would be shrinking in size, and coastal cities would be endangered by rising oceans. A post I wrote years ago documented that scientific surveys showed that some coastal cities thought to be endangered due to rising seas were actually experiencing higher coastline water levels because the cities themselves were actually sinking to lower levels (third link).

Decades have gone by since the global warming alarmists first began to “cry wolf” on the issue, but nothing has happened to confirm that there is any meaningful rise in sea levels. To be sure, sea levels are changeable and some ancient cities that used to be above the waters have sunk under the ocean’s waves. I recently watched a TV cable channel documentary demonstrating that some ancient cities off the Italian coast have sunk under the water, but it was likely that geological influences from nearby Mt. Vesuvius caused such outcomes. If so, it demonstrates that changes in the earth itself are a far bigger factor in the rise and fall of coastal land area than any “man-made” industrial gases can cause.

When you next take a vacation to your favorite seaside motel and find out that the ocean has swallowed up the beach, then you have cause to worry about global warming. Or if you read that entire populations of low-lying island nations have had to be evacuated because of rising seas, then you can be concerned about global warming (if it is a global phenomenon, not merely a local phenomenon caused by a volcano, hurricane or tsunami).

The climate on earth is always in a state of oscillating between extremes of temperature, precipitation levels, etc. That is why the earth can produce an ice age at one extreme and a climate so warm that the Vikings were able to grow crops in Greenland circa 1000 AD. (a time which had no modern “industrial greenhouse gases”). Temperature and atmospheric conditions on earth are also affected greatly by the cycles of the sun, which goes through hotter and cooler cycles of its own. As of now there are far more pressing global matters to be focused on than the illusory factors lumped under the label of “global warming.”

II Timothy 3 is a prophecy about the latter day period of time in which we live. Verse 13 warns that people with evil agendas will be “deceiving and being deceived” in the latter days. Based on the scientific fact many Pacific and Indian Ocean islands are actually growing in size instead of shrinking indicates that “global warming” is one of the deceptions being perpetrated on modern mankind. If you have any doubt that we are living in the latter days addressed by this prophecy, please read my website’s article, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days? If you do, I think you will  find convincing evidence that the answer is “yes.”