This link is well worth reading and I urge you to watch both embedded videos (especially the second one).  The videos were sent to me by a knowledgeable source with access to DARPA project videos, and I’m sharing them with readers of this blog. The first video shows that DARPA has developed a robotic hand that can use handtools skillfully; however, that is nothing compared to the second video. The second video shows a humanoid robotic figure which can run, do calisthenics, etc. The calisthenics are complex and would be the kind done at a track team work-out or a military boot-camp.
Obviously, DARPA would not be releasing its state-of-the-art attainment of robotic humanoid development in a video accessible to the public, so their project accomplishments are surely far more advanced than what is on the video. DARPA is not doing this project for its own entertainment. I think the military applications of this project are both obvious and immense. When the humanoid robots are controlled via a wireless connection, they can be placed or parachuted into any environment and be remotely-controlled by an operator with a joystick and controls. Human operators a hemisphere away from an aerial drone can control an aerial military drone already with ease. Why couldn’t human operators control robotic soldier drones on the ground the same way?
Robotic soldiers would need no food or water and would have no fear. They could be “handled” to perform suicide missions, enter regions contaminated by chemical, bacteriological or radiation which would kill a human, etc. The robotic soldiers would be impervious to all these environmental hazards. One could coat them with flexible Kevlar “skin” so they would be essentially bullet-proof to small arms fire.
DARPA clearly has some brilliant engineers working on this project. I admire their skill. I only hope and pray that the robotic soldiers being developed will be controlled by patriotic, pro-American controllers.
Human-controlled robots are already fighting each other in combat matches on a cable-TV program I watched while channel-surfing the other day. Robots were fighting each other in a boxing ring/cage while their human controllers were controlling their movements with exoskeleton-like control systems placed on them. In other words, the robots were fighting as avatars, acting out movements dictated to them by their human controllers. If private parties are already doing this for entertainment purposes, imagine what DARPA is developing!
The emergence of robotic soldiers would fulfill several biblical prophecies. The first is in Genesis 11:6 which relates that the post-Flood generations were already re-developing the pre-Flood advanced technologies to a level where they had reached a “tipping point” where God observed that “nothing they imagine will be restrained from them.” In Matthew 24:37, Jesus Christ foretold that the latter days of our age in which we now live (see my article, Are We Living in the Latter Days?) would mirror the pre-Flood society and civilization. The development of technologies at Babel was so advanced that God had to step in and confuse the languages to stop its progression as his Divine will was that no such high-tech society would exist on earth again until the latter days just before Jesus Christ himself returns to rule the earth (Revelation 19:11-20:4). Revelation 17-18 prophesy that our current Babylon the Great global political/monetary system will collapse in the latter days and be replaced by a new global “beast” system (see my articles entitled, What Kind of “Captivity?”–The Babylonian Origin of the Modern Banking System and Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a Global “Beast” System? The Creator God has allotted a mere 42 months for the beast’s global system to exist before it is utterly and permanently destroyed by Jesus Christ himself at his return (Revelation 19:11-21). As this prophecy shows, any person or any soldier that dares to fight against the heavenly armies of Jesus Christ at his return will be annihilated and their flesh will be given to the birds and carrion-eaters to eat. [If you are a soldier and do not want to share that fate, I advise that you reject the beast’s orders at that future time and fall on your knees and submit to Jesus Christ’s Divine rule when he returns. Then you can live on into a real Utopia of peace that will literally be brought to this earth when heaven comes to govern this planet openly and powerfully!]
One more prophetic item about robotic soldiers. Revelation 13:1-5 foretells that when the beast system is imposed on the world’s nations and masses, the world will wonder at the beast’s power and say “Who is able to make war with him?” My blog has previously discussed the existence of nanotechnology bombs and weapons, invisibility technologies, aerial vehicles which are so advanced that they appear as UFOs to people at times, etc. Robotic soldiers are one more thing in the secret inventory of the beast’s weaponry that will suddenly be unveiled all at once and the world will react as prophesied in Revelation 13:4. Science fiction will become science fact (just as Genesis 11:6 and Matthew 24:37 prophesy). However…
There are two people who will have the power to overcome all the beast’s advanced weaponry as easy as if they were stomping on ants. These two people are called the Two Witnesses in Revelation 11, and they will be delegated Divine powers to smite the earth with plagues as often as they want (see verse 6). They will give the earth a tiny advance taste of the powers to be unleashed when Jesus Christ comes at the head of Heaven’s army of very real and powerful spirit beings to take absolute control of the earth’s governments, nations and peoples….for their own good and to save them from self-destruction (Matthew 24:22). Anyone who seeks to harm the Two Witnesses will take a death sentence upon themselves (Revelation 11:5). These Two Witnesses will prove to the earth that Jesus Christ is the true and only Savior and Ruler and they will make the Bible’s truths starkly real to the earth and all those living on it. Please read my article, The Two Witnesses, for a detailed look at their ministry.
So if you are a Christian/Messianic Believer, don’t live in fear. Whatever powers the beast system brings to bear will be “peanuts” compared to the powers the Two Witnesses will wield. Pity the beast’s poor underlings. They will get creamed when Revelation 11:5-6 is fulfilled. The world’s rulers have forgotten the Creator God who made all things and sees all that is done on the earth. The Two Witnesses will emerge on the scene as God’s “wake-up call” for the world to realize the Creator God is real and that all mankind needs to repent…while they still can.
It appears we may be on the verge of historic events happening which will fulfill major biblical, latter-day prophecies.