Media articles are now confirming that scientists are creating human-pig “chimeras,” living creatures which share the DNA and characteristics of both pigs and humans. I hope readers of this post find this as distressing and revolting as I do. The first two links detail that this is happening and how it is being done. This practice, like many other human experiments, was conceived to try to do something good: use pigs to “grow” human organs so these humanized pig organs can be transplanted into humans to prolong their lives. However, as the old saying goes; “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I think this is another brick being laid down in that “road” to a hellish outcome.

While there is useful information on this bizarre development in the first link and second link, I’m going to cite some quotations from an article in the January 27, 2017 Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s printed edition entitled “Scientists create part-pig, part-human embryo” by Nicholas Wade–an article attributed to the New York Times. I found the article on the Internet at a “press reader” source, but have learned the contents of those links change and it may not be the article cited by the time readers see it. It can also be read at the New York Times website if you are a subscriber to that site. The article I read had the following quotes. It explained that the chimera beings being bioengineered were “resulting in an animal composed of mixed pig and human cells.” It added one risk could be chimeras that give the human-pig chimeras human brains and reproductive organs, and that it could risk “endowing [them] with human qualities.” It cites a researcher who says “we are not creating monsters.” I am not reassured.

Let’s consider just one possibility that could be a really bad unintended consequence of this scientific venture. Since the project is intended to “grow” all kinds of human organs inside pig creatures for transplantation into human recipients, let’s consider just the risks of pig-grown hearts being transplanted into humans. It has been known for years that some human heart transplant recipients begin to manifest some personality traits of their human donors. A study a few years ago documented this phenomenon (third link). The fourth link adds more information on this unexpected side-effect of human heart transplants, and the fifth link provides documented case histories where this occurred–sometimes with very bad consequences. If this transfer of human traits from the heart of human donors to human recipients can occur, what can we expect when hearts that are human-pig hybrids are transplanted into human donors? Will they develop an appetite for field corn and carrion or could they become unusually “pig headed?”

I’m sure all readers are familiar with stories and articles that some people have a “good or generous heart” and other people are known for a “cold-hearted” attitude toward others. The traits of laboratory-grown hearts that were matured inside pig bodies would have no human traits yet, but they would have some pig traits before they are butchered for their organs to be transferred into humans. The Bible has many references to the characteristics of people being defined by what is in their hearts. David was a man after God’s own heart (Acts 13:22), people’s hearts are as distinctive as their fingerprints and God looks on each person’s heart as he evaluates people (I Samuel 16:7), and the “earnest” of God’s Holy Spirit is given into human recipients’ “hearts” upon conversion (II Corinthians¬†1:22). The “heart” of people can be either good or bad as many Bible verses confirm–a check with a concordance will give abundant examples of this fact. Given that the Bible affirms that some personality traits reside in our “heart,” it is not surprising that some personality traits of human heart donors manifest in the lives of their human heart recipients. A heart transplant recipient could theoretically be given the heart of a serial killer who was executed for his crimes or the heart of a philanthropist who died in a car accident. Do recipients really know what potential traits are in the heart of a donor heart being put inside their bodies?

There is another factor that ought to give anyone who believes in the Bible a major concern about receiving any organ from a pig’s body. Pigs are regarded by God as “unclean” animals (Leviticus 11:7-8). God tells us in those verses to not eat pigs and to avoid even touching them! What do you suppose God thinks of a human who partially merges with a pig by having a pig-grown organ put inside their bodies? Does God even regard that person as being a human being any longer? I think one could argue persuasively from a biblical perspective that such people become “unclean” in God’s eyes. This scripture even begs the question: Will all human recipients of pig-grown organs be rejected by God as no longer being a creature “in his image and likeness” (Genesis 1:26-27) even if such people look outwardly like humans? Could they gradually manifest animalistic traits? Because modern science rejects the warnings and instruction of our Creator God in the Bible, such questions as this are not even considered by modern scientists in their pursuit to do whatever they can do technologically. I also think the pursuit of profits is a part of this bizarre development. If a company can patent a procedure to put pig-grown organs inside people, they can charge for doing so and make profits. I have another big concern. Since the people who are the most likely recipients of pig-grown organs are the rich and famous who can afford the procedure, will more of the intelligentsia and political leaderships of human societies take on the traits of animals–accelerating the wickedness of societies?

There is evidence that an ancient high-tech society on earth has already tried DNA/chimera experimentations, and it turned out extremely bad for them. Indeed, it almost wiped out their entire civilization. The Bible affirms that the book of Jasher was once a canonical book (Joshua 10:13 and II Samuel 1:18) in ancient times, but it was not included in our modern canonized Bible. I’ve read Jasher several times, and while it has excellent and credible insights into biblical times and characters up to the time of Moses, it begins to have variances with the scripture after that time and I can identify one chapter that was obviously added many centuries later based on the human names cited. It has no conflict with the Bible in its pre-Flood accounts; indeed, it is very valuable in the additional information it provides. Jasher 2:13 confirms pre-Flood mankind was literate, and this makes sense given that Genesis 4:19-26 records that mankind had then developed a sophisticated division of labor society that employed full-time musicians, metallurgical workers and livestock breeders. Verse 22 notes that pre-Flood mankind was working with iron ores to make manufactured items of all kinds. This indicates that pre-Flood society had factories, metallurgical institutes, orchestras, feed-lots, etc. Jesus Christ is cited in Matthew 24:37 that the pre-Flood civilization of Noah’s time will be a direct parallel to the latter-day societies on earth just prior to his return. This clearly means the pre-Flood society was a high-tech civilization like our own, and a prophecy in Daniel 12:1-4 agrees in prophesying that mankind’s civilization in the “time of the end” would exhibit an exponential increase in knowledge (the word “increase” in most Bibles is the same Hebrew word used to describe the vast and exponential “increase” in the amount of water on the earth’s surface during the Flood of Noah’s time). These biblical prophecies have unquestionably come to pass as mankind’s technologies are doubling and redoubling at an ever-rapid rate. Skeptics of the Bible have no answer for fulfilled biblical prophecies.

The book of Jasher reveals one aspect of the pre-Flood society that speaks how high-tech they really were. Jasher 4:18-19 states that “the sons of men…taught the mixing of animals of one species with the other, in order therewith to provoke the Lord, and God saw the whole earth and it was corrupt, for all flesh had corrupted its ways upon earth, all men and all animals (emphasis added).” As the account shows, this led to God’s decision to annihilate all mankind and all animals and start over with Noah and his family and the animals, birds, etc. that were on the Ark. Jasher’s account parallels the biblical account. Both state that God was so infuriated by the corruption of all mankind and animals that he decided to exterminate all but the few species’ representatives on the Ark; however, Jasher’s account sheds more light on the biblical account. Genesis 6:9-11 states that Noah (and apparently his own family) was the only man who was “perfect [whole or complete] in his generations [plural]” but that everything else on earth had become corrupted. Consider this statement in light of Jasher’s record that mankind was vigorously mixing the DNA of all kinds of species (and man) together. This cannot be done by inter-species copulations, so it had to be done the way it is being done today: by mapping the genomes of every species and using technologies to selectively mix sections of every species’ DNA codes to create chimera species according to the wishes of the leaders and scientists of that time. Genesis 6:4 says human giants became present in that society. Were they originally genetically engineered to be warriors in armies or gladiators in blood-sport competitions? Even if they were genetically engineered at first, they would still be a human-human mix and that would not transgress God’s plan that species breed only with members of their own species (Genesis 1:20-31) or “after their kind.” However, human-animal DNA mixes provoked God to great anger and Jasher 4:18 reveals that eventually all men and animals were corrupted by genetic mixing and came under a Divine death sentence. Why would God do this? Simple. God created his choices for species on earth and mankind had altered the species so it was no longer his creation. God no longer recognized the earth as having “his” species and he decided to kill it off and start over with a few people and animals that were uncontaminated by DNA chimera mixing to restore what God wanted on the earth. Notice that God himself selected which animals would be allowed into the Ark. Genesis 7:14-16 records that God brought the breeding stock into the Ark and then he shut them all in before the Flood purged the earth of all other life forms. Only God could examine each individual animal, bird, etc. to make sure its DNA was still pure according to his original design, and he only brought specimens to the Ark that were pure in his eyes.

Mankind killed itself off once before on this planet with DNA/chimera mixing actions. God says he does not change (Malachi 3:6), so why would his reaction be any different today to DNA/chimera mixing? Modern mankind is now on a path which, if allowed to go on indefinitely, would predictably lead to another “extinction level event” at the hands of God. Indeed, Malachi 4:5-6 warns that God himself will actually be considering another termination of life on earth at the end of the age. DNA mixing could spread very rapidly among mankind. Nations could breed lion, bear and predator DNA into soldiers to make them more fearless and warlike. Mankind could breed the DNA of hibernating species into astronauts to make them sleep during deep space voyages (to need much less food and water en route). Indeed, all kinds of corn, soybeans and other plants have already been DNA altered to make them into a species not created by God. To what extent are genetically-modified foods altering mankind’s own genetic makeup already?

It is my biblically-based opinion that DNA mixing of any kind between species is contrary to the will of God and risks God’s widespread wrath when the process permeates all life forms on earth. The modern mixing of DNA to create chimera species also reveals to us that (A) mankind is replicating the high-tech society and high-tech sins of the pre-Flood world just as Matthew 24:37 prophesied, and that (B) mankind is still catching up to the technological levels achieved by pre-Flood mankind. Various cable-TV documentaries on theorized “ancient aliens” types of high-technologies in the earth’s ancient history, megalithic constructions that prove ancient societies had advanced construction methods we still have not matched today and other examples of high-tech accomplishments by ancient civilizations confirm that very ancient societies had very high-tech knowledge. These facts couldn’t be possible if evolution is true so these historical discoveries also disprove evolution. One does not need “outer space aliens founding a society on earth” to explain them. The Bible (the book of Jasher and the writings of other nations’ ancient histories) confirm that ancient mankind developed very high-tech civilizations. We are fulfilling the observation of Solomon in Ecclesiastes 1:9-10 that history repeats itself in cycles and that what happened in old times would happen again in the future. We are now living in and witnessing that “future” prophesied time.

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