I have made some statement on while talking about the Hebrew peoples and their history in the world with much disdain and Moderators asking for the source of my ideas.

I have heard your talks on INR on the web.

Can you give me some pointers to where they may find this information to ease their tirade toward me.

Please send me a return if you will.
Lee Ostrander


I’d be glad to help. There are several ways to proceed in introducing people to the abundant hard evidence that the ten tribes of Israel mostly migrated into Asian locations and later founded kingdoms and empires of their own (Scythia, Parthia, Iberia, etc.). The ten tribes were eventually driven into Europe by other Asian empires which displaced the Israelite empires.
The first and best option I’d suggest is to have them obtain copies of my books at the publisher’s website, My books contain abundant documentation from secular sources which confirm that the biblical prophecies about the ten tribes of Israel were (and are) being fulfilled. If they do not want to spend the money to read the evidence, you can suggest that they consider (for free) the main points of the books by listening to my audio presentations at this website which are based on the books’ material. Once they hear a sampling of how much hard evidence is available, they may be motivated to obtain copies of my book and read “the rest of the story.” If they would like an Orthodox Jewish perspective on the history of the ten tribes, I recommend that you also refer them to the website of my Israeli friend, Yair Davidy, who has also authored many books about the ten tribes. His website is Yair and I do not agree on everything, but we utilize different sources in coming to our conclusions about the ten tribes and our conclusions are largely in agreement.
Please keep in mind that if a person’s mind is closed to biblical truth, there is no way they will be able to see the facts which are starkly obvious to those who acknowledge their Creator and can understand biblical truth.