The link below was sent to me by an alert reader who sent me this interesting report. It brings to light a situation which I did not previously realize (and I’ll bet few readers realized as well). While the world has long known that the USA, the UK and France are nations with arsenals of nuclear weapons, no one has realized that other NATO nations might actually be de facto nuclear powers as well. This link brings up some new prophetic possibilities.

This report examines a NATO war policy that dates from the old Cold War era but which is still in effect. It details that there are about 200 nuclear weapons which are stored at NATO bases scattered around Europe. While they are technically American nuclear weapons, NATO war policy allows for non-American NATO militaries to take control of those nuclear weapons and for non-American pilots to drop those bombs on an enemy nation in a time of war.

Currently, these nuclear weapons are reportedly stored on air bases in Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Technically, if NATO were suddenly involved in a war, these four nations might become instant nuclear powers whose air forces could drop these nuclear bombs on an enemy power. I want to consider this new fact from several perspectives. First consider the possible impact on the prophetic fulfillment of Ezekiel 38’s prophecy about an attack by Russia, China, Iran, etc. in the biblical “latter days” against the modern nations of the House of Israel (most of whom are NATO nations). Ezekiel 38:21 records God’s charge to the attacked nations of the house of Israel to use their own weapons against their attackers. More European nations may be able to use nuclear weapons against Russian attackers than anyone previously realized. It would make sense for NATO generals to disperse these nuclear weapons among many NATO nations so any one of them could use nukes against invading Russian armies. Russian war planners can’t be entirely sure where these 200 nukes are scattered across Europe’s air bases, so it has to consider that if it attacks Europe, many Russian cities and military bases could be attacked by nuclear weapons being flown by military planes of NATO nations that no one knew had nuclear weapons. All the Eastern European nations which joined NATO could potentially have nukes stored at their air bases as well. Imagine Poland and Lithuania being “instant” nuclear powers if war breaks out suddenly and some NATO nukes are stored on their air bases.

A second perspective on these dispersed nuclear weapons comes from an economic perspective. America’s all-but-hopeless debt problems are well-known. What if the U.S. budget crisis becomes so severe that the USA has to sell off its national assets to (A) pay its international debts or (B) obtain gold and silver if China, oil producing nations and other foreign creditors refuse to take debased dollars any longer and demand gold and silver for any imported products. This brings up a possible scenario which no one has thought about. The USA, which technically owns those 200 scattered nuclear bombs, might auction them off to the highest bidders among its NATO or other allies. Payment would have to be in gold, silver, oil, etc. How much would Germany pay in gold for 20 nuclear bombs?. How much would Poland pay for ownership of several nuclear bombs as a deterrent vs. Russia? If non-NATO allied nations could join the bidding, how much gold would India, Japan, Taiwan, etc. pay for American nuclear bombs? Such nations as Taiwan, South Korea, the Philippines, Singapore, etc. would have a huge motivation to pay dearly to obtain auctioned nuclear weapons to help deter China’s growing military power. Perhaps Japan would have an interest in cancelling the USA’s entire foreign debt to Japan in exchange for 40 nuclear bombs. Maybe the Israelis would like to buy an additional supply of nuclear bombs without having to build them. If the USA becomes desperate to raise hard assets to pay its bills and rebuild confidence in its currency, such a scenario is possible. The USA could end up paying off an immense amount of its foreign debt and accumulating a large amount of gold by auctioning off its 200 “surplus” European nuclear weapons to its allies/creditors. Do we see a solution for the USA’s foreign debt problems here?

The third perspective I want to utilize is how many modern nations of the house of Israel are real or de-facto nuclear powers. The USA, the UK, France and the Israelis are well-known nuclear powers. In my books, speeches and articles (all available at the links of this website), I identify these nations as the modern Israelite tribes of Manasseh, Ephraim, Reuben and Judah. This makes excellent biblical sense as these are the dominant tribes of the 12 tribes of Israel. Manasseh and Ephraim are the “brother” tribes (the “nation and company of nations) descended from Joseph who inherited the Abrahamic “birthright” blessings in perpetuity in Genesis 48:14-19. Reuben was the oldest son of Jacob and ordinarily would have inherited the birthright blessings but he was disqualified because he slept with his father’s concubine (Genesis 35:22, 49:4). Because Reuben was disqualified, the birthright was transferred from the oldest son of Leah (Reuben) to Joseph, the oldest son of Jacob’s other wife, Rachel (Joseph fathered Ephraim and Manasseh). Judah (the Jews) received the “sceptre” promise (Genesis 49:10) which guaranteed that the Messiah (Jesus Christ) would have to be from the tribe of Judah and that the royal houses of the tribes of Israel (European royalty) would have to descended from King David. These are the known nuclear powers among the modern Israelite nations.

However, the NATO policy of dispersing nuclear weapons and allowing host nations to use those nukes in times of war make every Israelite/European nation which hosts American nuclear weapons a de facto nuclear power. The nations named in the link below which are known to host nuclear weapons are Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy. My books and articles identify Germany as the tribe of Gad, Belgium as a mix of the tribes of Reuben an Zebulon and the Netherlands as the tribe of Zebulon. I do not identify Italy as a nation which can be identified with any predominant Israelite tribe (I believe its northern region has mostly Israelite descendants but its central and southern regions have mostly non-Israelites). Nuclear weapons may also be secretly stored at military bases throughout many other NATO nations, so other modern Israelite/European nations may be de facto nuclear powers as well.

Keep the above perspectives in mind when you consider what may come to pass in the future. If a debt-plagued USA is forced to auction off its 200 “surplus” nuclear weapons to its highest-bidding allies, the American debt problems could be drastically reduced very suddenly. There is also the possibility that some nations hosting these nuclear weapons may decide to seize them as “collateral” for bad U.S. debts. The future may have events in store which would currently seem unthinkable to us as we live in what’s left of our post World War II comfort zones.