How many books have you had published on the Lost Ten Tribes?
I am interested in them and wonder how may books you have wrote
on this subject so when i can afford them I can buy all of them.
Thank you,
Michael Steven Yeager II


Dear Michael,
Thanks for your interest in obtaining copies of my books.
I have written five books about the history of the ten tribes of Israel. The initial one, The Ten Tribes of Israel…Found!, is now out-of-print but new copies can still be obtained at some outlets or in the used-book market. This book traces the history of the ten tribes of Israel from the Gold en Age of King David through modern times. Both the publisher of my more-recent books and I have some new copies left. They can be obtained on-line at or by writing to me at Steven Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD  57109-8735. Copies cost $20 plus $5 shipping fees (in the USA) for a total of $25(US).
My more-recent books consist of a 4-book series which follows the chronological history of the ten tribes of Israel from their initial patriarch, Abraham, throughout all periods of subsequent history up to and including modern times. These books are meant to be read in this order: (1) The Origins and Empire of Ancient Israel, (2) Israel’s Lost Empires, (3) Parthia–The Forgotten Ancient Superpower and (4) Israel’s Tribes Today. These books contain considerably more information than my initial book, have photographs of key ancient artifacts, many illustrations, indexes, etc. All my books have a non-denominational Christian content which edifies believers of all faiths on a very-important, but much overlooked aspect of biblical history. Until someone understands who constitutes the ten tribes of Israel in the modern world, they cannot accurately understand latter-day prophecies because the Bible refers to the ten tribes of Israel in the latter-days as “Israel” and it refers to the Jews/Israelis as “Judah.”  Most believers (and religious teachers) do not grasp this distinction and, therefore, have a skewed view of the latter-day prophecies of the Bible.
These newer books may all be ordered on-line at or from me at the address given above. When ordered individually, each book costs $20 plus $5 shipping fees (in the USA) for a total of $25(US). There is a 10% discount when all four books are ordered at once, resulting in a cost of $72 plus $8 shipping fees (in the USA) for a total of $80. Those ordering books from international locations can do so more easily by ordering at the above-listed website as shipping fees can be calculated for specific nations. There are considerably larger percentage discounts for those who wish to purchase the books in bulk for large groups or for re-sale to others on a retail basis. Such inquiries can be directed to the staff at the above-cited website.