Hi Steve,

I thought these links might be important to you, since you have said
that Turkey is a very important NATO nation.
   Israel <


Dear Susana,
Your email raises some very important issues which need to be addressed. As the links you sent to me document, Turkey is acting more and more like an enemy of the West instead of an ally within NATO. I’ve been watching developments re: Turkey with increased concern.
Turkey used to be an oasis of Islamic moderation, a secular Turkish nation founded by Kamal Ataturk. However, Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey has been moving increasingly into the Iranian-Syrian Axis.  The links you sent report that Turkey is offering intelligence aid to Iran against an Israeli attack, and that it is also making many agreements with (and drawing closer to) Syria–an ally of Iran. The Turkish military used to protect against such actions to betray Ataturk’s plan for Turkey, but the pro-Israeli Turkish military leadership has largely been ousted. One does wonder if senior NATO officials dare to share intelligence data with Turkey any more, given the fact that Turkey is drawing closer to the radical states of Iran and Syria.
Hopefully, this trend will reverse itself under the next Turkish leader, but Turkey is now a “wild card” in its allegiance to NATO and the West. I have long identified Turkey as a modern nation of biblical Edom because its former name, the Ottoman Empire, has the consonants TT-M-N, the same as the consonants of the Temani, one of the main tribes of Edom (Genesis 36:15, 34). Edomites have descended from Esau.
Ezekiel 38:2-6 lists the nations that will be in the Gog-Magog alliance, and not one nation of Semitic origin or any nation descended from Abraham is listed in that alliance. Edomites are both Semites and Abraham’s descendants. That would argue that Turkey will not end up in the Gog-Magog alliance, but the phrase at the end of verse 6 (“…and many people with you.”) allows for unnamed nations to be included in that alliance.