I would like to thank a reader of this blog for sending me these very vital links below. They are so important that all readers of this blog should have access to this information. While somewhat lengthy, these links detail vitally-important national security information about which people should be aware. Indeed, the information they contain could determine whether you and your family will survive a future cyberattack! The first two links offer an excellent description of the capabilities of modern cyberwarfare and how these new capabilities could completely alter how future wars are fought. The USA has established a new Cyberwarfare Agency called Cyber Command. It will be responsible for the cyberwarfare activities of the U.S. military in the future, and most Americans are clueless re: how cyberwarfare could affect their lives. The first link observes correctly: “We sit at a…historical moment. War fighting is forever changed.” The first link is based on advance material from a pending book by Richard Clarke, a Special Adviser to President Ronald Reagan for cybersecurity. I’m going to buy it when it is released!

After detailing some recent examples of cyberwarfare by Russia and China against several nations (including the USA), the link observes that “The United States thinks that its cyber warriors are the best at offence, with the capability of shutting down enemy air defenses, electric power grids, rail systems, and telephony. The United States has probably already penetrated many such networks and laced them with trap doors…and logic bombs.” However, the link documents that the USA has done far less in shoring up its own defenses against such cyberattacks and is very vulnerable to similar such attacks (a subject I’ve covered in previous blogs documenting China’s efforts to penetrate American cyber systems). This report reveals that the CIA has already acknowledged that one electric black-out in America “was already caused by a cyber attack.” This revealing report flatly asserts that the USA’s “electric power, gas pipelines, rail and air transport, banking, food-distribution networks and other key systems are defenseless against nation-state cyber attacks (emphasis added).” Let that statement sink into your awareness!

Can you imagine what would occur if an enemy knocked out the electric grids of the USA in northern latitudes during winter by launching a cyberattack which “instructed” the heavy infrastructure of the power grids to tear themselves apart with destructive attacking cyberprograms? What if a cyberattack shut down water supply systems at the same time? This kind of attack would mean there would be no electricity to run anything in the regions affected until the heavy equipment was replaced, and drinking water would be in short supply. It could take months to fix things. How many people would freeze to death? Commerce would cease. All electronic money would cease to function. Would people band together to help each other or would they prey on one another in a frantic effort to survive? This is a very real danger.

The link also warns that cyberattacks could send “warnings” and “retaliations” between nations. It warns that a U.S. President could face an attack on America’s electric grid in retaliation for angering China on some issue, for example. This could lead to a kind of “limited warfare” between nations as they attack each other’s infrastructure without actually bombing anything, or it could provoke an affected nation into launching a nuclear attack against the nation which it thinks is responsible for the attack. However, given the ability of cyberattackers to “cover their tracks,” one nation could incite a war between two other nations by making it appear that those nations were launching cyberattacks against each other when they were not actually doing so.

I urge you to read these links. Your future could depend on it.

This has a biblical connection as well, a point I have made before in my blogs. While Ezekiel 38 prophesies that Russia, China, Iran and their allies will attack the USA, NATO and their western allies at the end of our “latter-day” period of time, the attacked nations will not be helpless. Ezekiel 38:21 reveals that it will be God’s will for the attacked nations of the modern “house of Israel” to defend themselves with their own weaponry, but Ezekiel 39:3 also prophesies that some of the Gog-Magog alliance’s own weaponry will simply not work or be rendered non-functional. This could happen via the use of traditional anti-missile defense systems, but it could also be fulfilled by “trap doors” and “logic bombs” causing enemy missiles and other weapons to self-destruct or even attack their own nation’s cities if targeting software can be altered within those weapons systems.

Its a “brave new world” that we are entering. The Apostle Paul warned in II Timothy 3:1 that “perilous times would come” in the latter days. He had no idea how right he was…and modern Americans have no idea how their personal “comfort zones” could be upended in a moment’s notice without any warning. Are you prepared? Please read the article at my website’s homepage about “Christian Preparedness” if you have not already made some reasonable emergency preparedness for yourself and your family.