You are one of the few people that I think would know something about this.

I was recently given a copy of the “Book of Tephi”.  I was told that it was translated from Gaelic and that a Hebrew fragment had recently been discovered. 

The Book in front of me was originally published in 1897 by a J.A. Goodchild.

 The English text is written as poetry with both meter and rhyme. 

Clearly the text was either composed in English (even the low Germanic-English of Beowolf was over 1000 years after the time of Tefi.) or VERY loosely paraphrased from the Gaelic.

 Do you know ANYTHING about the real history of this book?

 Is it a late English composition?

Is their a Gaelic version?  (Has a literal translation been published?)

 Is it true a Hebrew fragment has been found?  (Any idea where I can get the Hebrew)

 What is the age of the manuscripts?

 I would be grateful for any info you have.

 James Trimm







Shalom James,


While I am aware of various legends and records involving Tephi, a princess of Judah’s royal house who reportedly accompanied the prophet Jeremiah during his flight from that fallen kingdom, I am not familiar with the specific book you cited. I would be as interested in you in the answers to the questions you raised about the book’s origins.


Steven Collins