This post is to pass on to readers news about a very interesting and enlightening program that is being aired weekly on the History2 (H2) channel. It is called “America Unearthed” and it examines and documents the generally-suppressed, pre-Columbian history of North America. I only recently learned about the program by channel-flipping on my own.
Last week the program documented the presence of ancient Irish ogam inscriptions in western Oklahoma, and showed that the cave in which they were found illuminated certain sun-worship scenes inside the cave during either an equinox or solstice sun-setting event. The program interviewed an Irish linguist which indicated that ogam inscriptions were used by the ancient Irish Celts about a millennium before Columbus. The cave also included a depiction of the Egyptian deity, Anubis. The program concluded that the makers of the ogam inscription were devotees of Mithraism.
Previous programs have examined apparent evidence of ancient Norse presences in North America long before Columbus and a detailed examination of the ancient copper mines of Isle Royale in the Lake Superior region. These copper mines are mentioned and analyzed in my books and, based on radiocarbon dating that some of the mines were worked to exhaustion around 1000 BC (the approximate time of King David’s alliance with King Hiram of the Phoenicians), my books conclude that the vast amounts of copper ores amassed by King David for the temple his son, Solomon would build, originated in the Lake Superior region. I Chronicles 22:3 refers to the iron and brass (a copper alloy) accumulated by David for the future Temple as being “beyond calculation” (marginal note, KJV) These vast copper ores and alloys accumulated by King David for the Temple were not mined in the Holy Land and since the copper mines In Lake Superior generated vast amounts of copper ores that were not used in ancient North America, it is clear to me that the missing ancient copper ores from Lake Superior were mined by the Israelites/Phoenicians and shipped to the Holy Land as the radiocarbon dates match the biblical narrative.The History Channel program opines that the missing ancient Lake Superior cooper mines were used in ancient Europe, but even that conclusion would establish that trading routes existed between the Old and New World in the time of King David.  
I urge you to watch the channel if your cable or satellite system receives it. It airs on Friday nights at 9 PM (Central Time). Times may vary in your area. Future programs may examine more ancient North American artifacts that are discussed in my books.