I just finished watching an excellent History Channel program called “That’s Impossible: Invisibility Cloaks.” It was shown on their H2 cable network, which only some readers may receive on their cable packages. I tried to find the link to give to readers, but could only find the schedule with an inactive link to the program itself. It may be that the link will become active for viewing after the program has aired several times.
The program depicted and discussed many of the items I’ve discussed in several of my previous posts at this site: the cloaking of a British tank several years ago,  the description of metamaterials which bend light waves around an object to make it invisible, an invisibility cloak being invented in Japan which is already substantially deployable and was successfully demonstrated in use in a public setting on the program. The recent British cloaking of a tank was reported as factual a few years ago in the British media, but British Defense Ministry has said “no comment” about it and another source has denied it. Obviously, no one wants to reveal just how far this technology has been advanced.
The program begins by showing how camouflage was used in many circumstances in previous times, and it detailed how the British “hid” the port of Alexandria and the Suez Canal during World War II and duped the German Luftwaffe into bombing decoy sites. It was a most remarkable story which I had never heard of before seeing this program. It also stated that the infamous “Philadelphia Experiment” in 1943 (when a US naval ship was made to disappear and reportedly reappear hundreds of miles away) was an effort to develop invisibility technology in World War II so Allied ships could be made invisible to German U-boats. This means that US war-planners have been experimenting with invisibility technology for almost eight decades. The program indicates three nations, the UK, the USA and Japan, appear to be on the cutting edge of this technology.
The program also depicts a time not that far into the future when entire weapons systems (tanks, warplanes, ships, orbiting objects such as satellites or space-based weapons systems) could be cloaked from the human eye, and could be made to appear suddenly when their cloaks are deactivated. It even suggests that entire armies could enter a city unseen and decloak inside it when they have taken up their positions. The military and surveillance applications of invisibility technology are almost limiteless.
The program concludes with an observation that a complete invisibility cloak may be operational within six months. It is my view that if that level of advancement is being openly admitted, the real level of technological development is far in advance of what is admitted and such cloaking devices are already being used. Indeed, I think it is quite plausible that some UFO sightings are advanced aerial/military vehicles from terrestrial nations which are coming in and out of their cloaked phases at times.
The Bible acknowledges that certain tipping points of knowledge can be attained where “anything mankind imagines he will do.” One such point arrived in the Tower of Babel period (Geneiss 11:6), and another such time had to be in the pre-Flood period as the post-Flood Babel society was simply trying to reinvent and redeploy the pre-Flood advanced technologies. Jesus Christ’s Matthew 24:37 prophecy indicates the final such time will be in our latter day prophetic time period (see my article: Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?). Revelation 13 also strongly hints that very high-tech (and previously unkown) military technologies will be unveiled by the world’s nations when the “beast” power comes into existence on the earth at the very end of this age before Jesus Christ returns. Revelation 13:4 prophesies that when the Beast power is unveiled, the world’s masses will say: “Who is like unto the beast? Who is able to make war with him?” That last statement indicates that very advanced military technologies will be openly displayed to the masses to intimidate the nations and the globe’s population when this prophesied event occurs. I expect that cloaked military weaponry will be one of those advanced technologies unveiled. I think that the History Channel’s program is giving us a bit of an advance notice to accept such technologies when they are openly revealed in the future ahead of us.
I hope the actual H2 TV program will become available at the History Channel’s website soon, as I urge you watch it when it does. In the meantime, you can do a search on my blog to read my previous posts on this fascinating technology as those posts include several internet links about the items discussed above which are accessible, and those posts delve deeper into biblical prophecies about how invisibility technology could be used to fulfill a number of biblical prophecies for the latter days. You will likely live to witness their fulfillment so I urge you to check out those posts so you are not caught unawares by some of the deceptions that will be unleased in the future.
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