Do you know of anyone who could lead me to Hidden Mountain and the Decalogue Stone?

Erma Stevenson
Dear Erma Stevenson,
I certainly do know someone who can direct you to Hidden Mountain and the Decalogue Stone. His name is Douglas Jones, and he is the President of the New Mexico Epigraphic Society. His postal address is: PO Box 50007, Albuquerque, NM  87151-0007, and his email address is: He knows the Hidden Mountain site better than anyone I know. While he does not charge a fixed fee for his services, his services and time are valuable and I strongly suggest that you remember him with an honorarium for his time and efforts.
You can see my viewpoints about Hidden Mountain and the Decalogue Stone at my website as well as an extensive array of photos of the Hidden Mountain site which were provided by Douglas Jones. To see them, open the “Books” link at my home page and click on the “Decalogue Stone” and “Photo Gallery” menu options.