A very serious situation is now developing along the mostly-unguarded US-Mexican border region. FOX News is reporting that Hezbollah is working with Mexican drug cartels to smuggle their operatives into the USA. The increasing sophistication of tunnels under the Mexican-American border and the fact that a “senior Hezbollah operative” was arrested in Mexico confirm the Hezbollah-Mexico drug cartel connection. The first link below also reports that the Hezbollah connection in this smuggling effort includes Hugo Chavez and Venezuela. As reported in previous posts [8-16-2008, 8-10-2009], Iran has gotten very cozy with Venezuela so the fact that Hezbollah (an Iranian client) is working with Venezuela should hardly be surprising.

The first link states that “Mexico knows the seriousness of a cartel connection with Hezbollah and the threat to their national security.” While one Congressman is cited as concerned about the situation, the US government seems to have an almost cavalier attitude about this threat to national security. In spite of many years of talk about the subject, the second link and third link report that the majority of the US-Mexican border is still unsecured and that only 129 miles of the border is actually “controlled” for security purposes.

With the growing ferment in the Moslem nations of the Mideast and North Africa, Iranian vessels coming through the Suez Canal, the fall of the Mubarak government in Egypt, and Libyan military forces opening fire on Libyan civilians even as some Libyan pilots refused to fire on fellow Libyans and flew their jets to Malta to seek asylum, the chances of war in the Mideast are growing. If such a war breaks out, the Hezbollah operatives which have been smuggled into the USA via the unsecured Mexican border can be expected to launch terrorist attacks vs. Americans in a variety of US locations. If this happens, it will clearly be the fault of the US federal government because it has refused to secure the border even though this could have easily been done many years ago. Both GOP and Democrat presidents and Congresses have ignored this threat for a very long time. If Hezbollah operatives cause US casualties in future terrorist attacks due to the refusal of both Democrat and Republican administrations to address this security threat, the American voters may forsake both the “establishment” parties and elect Tea Party candidates to replace them. That could lead to an American “revolution” taking place at the polls.

The nations of the Gog-Magog alliance prophesied in Ezekiel 38 are moving their operatives into the Western Hemisphere and one can only wonder how many are already in the USA awaiting an order to unleash terror operations. The US government seems comatose to the growing and obvious danger.