My recent post concerned a drone which entered the Negev desert Israeli airspace before it was shot down. I expressed a belief that it was Iranian/Hezbollah in origin and that it was aimed at Israel’s nuclear facility at Dimona. These conclusions have been confirmed, as you will see in the three links below. However, these links have more information than just the downing of a mysterious drone.
Initial reports were that the mysterious drone penetrated Israeli airspace from the Mediterranean Sea region; however, the latest report is that it was launched by Hezbollah and traveled a long distance over much Israeli airspace before it was shot down. If that is the case, it argues there was a failure on the part of the Israeli air defense system. Hezbollah is known to have thousands of rockets in Southern Lebanon aimed at Israeli targets. One would think there would be 24/7 coverage to detect anything launched from Lebanon into Israel. Apparently, it went undetected and unintercepted for a long time, a fact which should bother Israeli war planners a great deal. What if that “primitive” drone had been trailing out a stream of chemical/bacteriological agents along its flight path?
The reports include one from the Iranian media, and there are conflicting stories about how close the drone came to the Israeli nuclear facility at Dimona and whether it was able to transmit any photos of the facility to Hezbollah agents. Personally, I do wonder if the only real mission the drone had was to test how quickly (or slowly) the drone would be detected by the Israeli air defenses. Hezbollah may be looking for “primitive” ways to penetrate the much-vaunted Israeli Iron Dome air-defense system. Since Hezbollah is part of the biblically-prophesied Gog-Magog alliance led by Russia, China and Iran, it likely does not need any new photos of Dimona. It is quite likely the Russians have shared their satellite photos and intelligence information about the Dimona facility with China, Iran…and Hezbollah.
The links also include a report that Iran is also now able to send computer viruses to attack enemy computers. As readers recall, the Iranian nuclear facility computers were attacked and disabled by the Stuxnet and other viruses which were widely-believed to be Israeli/American in origin. A report in the link states that Iran’s computer virus attacked Saudi computers and that “30,000 [Saudi] computers were destroyed.”
At the very least, I think the Hezbollah drone’s near-approach to the Dimona nuclear facility indicates that Iran’s attention is already keenly-focused on the Dimona facility and that it will be targeted by Iran for destruction in the event of an Israeli-Iranian war. The Israelis better be ready to defend against that attack.