Another development has occurred which makes the Mideast situation into an even more dangerous situation. In an unexpected move, pro-Iranian, Shiite Moslem Hezbollah forces attacked towns inside Syria which backed the Syrian rebels. Hezbollah attacked the Syrian rebels with rockets and the Syrian rebels responded with tanks captured from the Syrian army.
The first link describes the Hezbollah attack and the second link details the threatened retaliation of the Syrian rebels against Hezbollah. The links document even further what I have stated on previous posts on this topic: that the Syrian civil war is increasingly a proxy war between Shiite Moslem Iran and Sunni Moslem Saudi Arabia (and other Sunni Moslem nations).
It is not likely that Hezbollah (which is heavily dependent on Iran for rockets and weaponry) would have attacked the Sunni rebel forces in Syria without prior approval from Iran. This makes the situation even more dangerous. The articles disclose that fighting is becoming more intense around the Syrian capital of Damascus which indicates the pro-Iranian Assad forces are losing the civil war. If Syria slips from the Iranian orbit into an alliance with Saudi Arabia and other Sunni Moslem nations, it will be a huge setback for Iran.
It remains to be seen what will happen to a post-Assad Syria. Will Assad cling to a coastal strip of Syria, upheld there as a Russian/Iranian puppet, or will all of Syria slip from his grasp? It is not at all clear what Syria will look like after the civil war. Will the Sunni Moslem nations of Turkey, Jordan and Iraq effectively administer parts of the former nation of Syria, or will radical Al-Queda-backed forces dominate parts of Syria?
The answer to these questions is in the hand of the Creator God. What we are witnessing is the re-sorting of nations into the final alliance positions intended by God for these nations in the latter days, as Ezekiel 38-39 foretold. Will Syria be in the Gog-Magog alliance or not?
The Hezbollah attack against Sunni Moslem Syrian rebels introduces another unexpected “wild card” into the Mideast situation. Hezbollah is an implacable enemy of the Israelis and Hezbollah’s attack into Syria now makes Hezbollah an enemy of the Sunni Moslems rebels in Syria as well. Under the time-honored principle of “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” (long practiced in the Mideast), who knows what might be happening behind closed doors in the Mideast, where “strange bedfellows” happen all the time.