It has been awhile since I gave readers an update on my personal health situation. As I write this, I am enduring one of the worst sciatica/lower back pain outbreaks I’ve had in a long time. I can barely move, and the pain is excruciating. If I had an effective pain control therapy it would be easier to deal with, but my tinnitus condition means that I cannot take any NSAID/ aspirin pain drug or many prescription strength drugs either. The one pain killing drug I can take combined with a muscle-relaxer is ineffective for pain relief. I have a doctor’s appointment later today to see if there is any other pain control option. Tomorrow I see a specialist about possibly using a TENS unit for pain control.

I can report that last week I had one whole day without any tinnitus, so some healing has to be occurring on that condition. I had hoped that I was healed and when it came back it was like a prisoner having to go back into prison after thinking he had been freed, but at least one day of relief was progress. My PTSD condition has been less troublesome recently.

I very much ask readers of my website to pray for God’s rapid healing of these afflictions so I can not only devote significantly more time to writing, but finally have a good quality of life as well. Many thanks! There are more blogs and articles I wish to write as well as at least one more book, but I can do very little until God heals me of these afflictions. I’d like to be more responsive to readers’ emails to me, but my health troubles prevent me from doing more responses at this time.