A man in Hawaii has just been convicted of giving critical military secrets to China. He was convicted of giving China secret information about vulnerabilities of the USA’s B-2 bomber that can be exploited to make the B-2 more vulnerable to enemy missiles fired at it. The information given to the Chinese enables the Chinese to “lock on” to a B-2 stealth bomber and have a greater chance of shooting it down.

This is very bad news. If President Obama ever decides to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, the B-2 bombers will be a critical part of such an attack. However, since China has supplied Iran with many cruise missile and other military means to counter a US attack, it is very possible that China is sharing the stolen information with Iran. Even if it does not share the information with Iran, you can be sure that China is rapidly trying to devise a means to shoot down the B-2 bombers in light of the stolen information. China would, no doubt, like to “field test” its new weaponry against an actual B-2 attack. Therefore, China may station its own military technicians in Iran to deploy and use whatever new weapons system it has developed to see if it can shoot down B-2 bombers when/if they attack Iran. When/if B-2 crews attack Iran’s nuclear facilities, they better assume that they will be facing Chinese technicians who know about the B-2’s “vulnerabilities” and who will fire missiles at the B-2s that can exploit those “vulnerabilities.”

A recent blog documented that China is close to deploying a ballistic missile to sink US aircraft carriers. Now it has stolen military information to give it a better chance of shooting down B-2 bombers. If China ever develops the ability to detect our “boomer” submarines at sea (a “boomer” sub is one which can fire nuclear ballistic missiles), the USA will not have much deterrence left to prevent a Chinese attack on the USA and all its allies. Unfortunately, such an attack (by Russia, Iran, China, et. al.) is exactly what Ezekiel 38-39 prophesies is certain to occur during the “latter days” of our age (Ezekiel 38:8 and 16). Let us all hope that the USA’s military technicians in the Pentagon are devising ways to counter whatever weaponry China is now developing to detect and shoot down our B-2 bombers.

I want to thank the reader who tipped me off to this story. I’ll offer three final thoughts. I think life imprisonment is too mild a sentence for convicted traitors who sell our military secrets to our enemies and rivals. Secondly, I hope the dullards in our intelligence and national security agencies who can’t comprehend that China is a determined enemy of the USA can now see the facts as they are. Finally, I am not at all comforted that our current president came to office without any military knowledge or experience during this time of unprecedented national danger.