There is a very interesting link at my website which I suspect many readers have not yet discovered. Those who have read my books realize that the mighty Parthian Empire was an Asian Empire composed of and led by the relocated ten tribes of Israel after their exile from the Promised Land. Parthia often fought with the Roman Empire, and almost all these wars resulted from Roman invasions of Parthia. While Parthia usually had a “live and let live attitude” toward others, there was one time when the Parthians were particularly disgusted with the Romans and decided to teach them a lesson. About three decades before Jesus Christ was born, the Parthian Empire attacked the Roman Empire in the east and drove the Romans completely out of the modern nations of Asia Minor (Turkey), Syria, Lebanon and Judea for several years. Josephus wrote a lot about this particular time when the Parthians ruled Judea instead of the Romans.

The first great battle between Rome and Parthia occurred in 53 BC. A Roman army under Crassus, the Roman General who had defeated the slave revolt under Spartacus, invaded Parthia’s territory in search of conquest and plunder. The Parthians outsmarted Crassus and administered to the Romans one of the worst defeats ever suffered by the Roman Empire. Not long ago, The History Channel aired an animated version of this Roman-Parthian battle, and it can be accessed via the Recommended Links of this website. They say “a picture is worth a thousands words.” If so, then a moving picture is worth perhaps ten thousand words. I urge you to watch this documentary about the Roman-Parthian battle. It follows the historical accounts fairly well, and it will be much more interesting for you to watch it when you realize that the Parthians were descendants of the ten tribes of Israel. Indeed, I’ll bet some readers had distant ancestors who fought on the Parthian side of this battle!