Whatever nation you live in, I ask you this question: Have you taken one of the experimental covid vaccines yet? Some will be surprised at my question’s wording. They might be thinking: What do you mean “experimental?” Nevertheless, the question is worded accurately. Since the covid vaccines have not yet been certified as “safe and effective” by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), all of them truly are “experimental.” There is a full-court press by politicians, the media, schools, etc. to persuade everyone to “get the jab,” but I’ve never heard a single message that admits the vaccines are merely experimental in nature. The vaccines are being released into the general public only under what is called an “emergency use authorization” policy that is being obscured or omitted in the messages for everyone to “get the jab.”

The first link, a USA Today article, has some remarkable acknowledgements about the hasty distribution of the vaccines into the general public even though none of them has been found by the FDA to be either “safe” or “effective.” It reports that even adolescents are now being urged to take the Pfizer vaccine because it “is safe for [them] and extremely effective.” What the article does not specifically note is that it is not the FDA, bur rather the company’s in-house staff that is calling it “safe and extremely effective in adolescents.” This is a statement from a company’s PR department, not from any official or governmental finding. Forgive me for being skeptical of the assurances from drug companies who stand to make windfall profits if people “get the jab” made by their company. I’m old enough to remember when tobacco companies had no problem finding “experts” who reassured congressional committees and the public that smoking was also completely safe.

The USA Today article has a remarkable admission everyone should read. It states the three vaccines being pushed in the USA have “…received emergency use authorizations rather than full FDA approval. To save time during the pandemic, the companies were allowed to provide two months of safety data, instead of waiting the full two years to see whether the vaccine will remain effective…(emphasis added).” All the vaccines are being distributed at break-neck speed based on Big Pharma’s interpretation of their own in-house data–no independent government testing procedure has been completed to find any of these vaccines to be “safe and effective.” Everyone receiving the jabs now is effectively an unpaid guinea pig in a mass experiment to last two years to see if they are “safe and effective.” This doesn’t sound all that reassuring to me.

There are doctors around the world who are warning people not to take these experimental vaccines, but they receive little or no attention from establishment media sources. Some of these doctors’ warnings are in the second link. Also ignoring these medical warnings is President Biden, who is urging 70% of Americans to get the jab by July 4th (third link). As more reports reach people that the experimental vaccines are neither safe nor effective according to traditional FDA review standards, fewer want the jabs. The third link acknowledges that fact. The fourth link offers more information about people in many American states becoming reluctant to allow the experimental vaccines to be injected into their bodies, with some states sending doses back to the government because there isn’t enough demand for the vaccines to be used. In a poll in my home state of South Dakota, there is a very large group of people that are currently either refusing the experimental vaccines or are reluctant to receive them (fifth link).

A medical doctor has even warned that in a legal sense, your body is effectively “owned” by the holders of the patents of the synthetic substances that are injected into your body as part of the experimental vaccines (sixth link). Who owns these patents, asks this link. Bill and Melinda Gates? The Department of Defense? Is it Pfizer, Moderna, or Johnson and Johnson, I ask. Could it be a front company for the Communist Party of China where covid-19 originated? No one is being told who owns the patents of the “stuff” being injected into everyone. No one knows what side-effects of these vaccines will manifest over the next few months and years. After just a few months, there are already reports that unvaccinated people are being sickened by being physically present near vaccinated people (seventh link). I’m sure everyone has read about the “breakthrough”‘ covid cases where people who have been “fully vaccinated” become ill with covid anyway.

In spite of the experimental nature of these vaccines, some nations, states and private entities are requiring or considering “vaccine passports” mandating vaccinations before you can travel on a plane, get on a cruise ship, enter certain facilities, etc. Hawaii is one such state (eighth link). That link also reports states such as Arizona and Florida have forbidden them, and I’ve seen media reports that Texas, Kansas and other states are either forbidding them or are considering forbidding vaccine passports. One thing is certain. Since many tens of millions of people in the USA are refusing to receive the experimental vaccines, states (like Hawaii) which require them will lose a great deal of business for their travel and hospitality industry. Also, airlines, cruise lines and businesses that require vaccine passports will be effectively boycotted by people who don’t want to take the experimental jabs. Also, I think it is extremely reckless of any public or private entity to require a “vaccine passport” when none of the experimental vaccines have been proven to be safe and effective by the FDA!

As of May 2nd, there were officially reported to be 9,245 “breakthrough cases” where people tested positive for covid at least two weeks after being vaccinated. Of that total, 9% needed hospitalization and 132 died (ninth link). We are only few months into the public trials of these experimental vaccines and it is already clear that many have contracted covid anyway. No doubt, the actual totals are higher than the officially-reported number of such cases. If that many people are getting covid in spite of being vaccinated, it seems to me that the vaccines are not all that “effective” in preventing the disease. How many more vaccinated people will contract covid over the next few years? The tenth link is a very short clip of a TV news segment in which some readers may wonder if the segment was climaxed with a Freudian slip. Perhaps it was simply a slip of the tongue. You may decide for yourself. The final link is a video of an insider’s exposé of the true state of the health care situation from the perspective of a Canadian nurse. It also raises serious questions about how this covid situation is being dealt with and how accurate the “establishment” media coverage of the covid crisis really is. That link also has a second (and much shorter) clip of a statement by an FDA spokesman that the FDA “will not authorize or approve any covid-19 vaccine” without such vaccines first completing the rigorous standards set by the FDA to be certifiable as “safe and effective.” This means the FDA won’t be certifying any current vaccine for quite a while since the FDA’s review and approval process takes at least two years.

I hope that you will consider the information contained in this post as you decide whether to allow experimental vaccines which have not been found or declared by the FDA to be safe and effective to be injected into your body.

In the interests of personal disclosure, I have decided not to take any vaccine at this time. I would not even consider taking any prescription medicine into my body which has not been declared to be “safe and effective” by the FDA, the responsible US governmental agency. If I would insist that any prescription drug meet the FDA’s standards before taking it, why shouldn’t I (and everyone else) insist on the same safety standards to be met by any and all vaccines? Currently, no covid vaccine meets that safety standard. Given that fact, maybe you should ask questions why politicians, the media and drug companies are pushing all of us to blithely accept these experimental vaccines which have not been certified as “safe and effective” by the FDA? 

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