I’m sure readers in all nations are aware that a small piece of airplane debris washed up on the French-owned Reunion Island in the South Indian Ocean, and that many aviation experts believe that it may be a Boeing 777 wing piece. The obvious question is whether it was from the missing Malaysian Airliner (a 777) that disappeared presumably over the South Indian Ocean. I watched various news channels listening to an assortment of aviation experts, and the first two links [1, 2] give updated details about this developing story.

One CNN interview with two aviation experts was particularly interesting. One pointed out several evident facts about the apparent piece of a Boeing 777 wing which washed up mysteriously on Reunion Island. He noted the remarkably undamaged condition of the wing piece, called a “flapperon”–a very small piece of the wing. He noted that photos of the object indicated no crash damage, and showed only the presence of many barnacles–indicating a long period of time in the ocean. Could that many large barnacles have grown on this piece of metal in the time the Malaysian airliner has been missing? [My question–not his.] He noted that in a high-angle crash of an airplane into water, there will be inevitable and obvious compression damage on airline wing pieces due to the front edge of each wing piece hitting the water and essentially stopping while the rear edge of the same wing piece is still traveling at an airspeed velocity. This wing piece obviously bore no evidence of any such crash at sea. He also volunteered that on some occasions, a flapperon (or some other small airliner piece) can fall off an airliner without any compromise of its safety and that such incidents are usually not reported to the public. For this reason, he observed that investigators should check with all airline companies and Boeing to see if any flapperons have fallen off any airliners flying over the Indian Ocean in the last few years. While I am reserving judgment until more evidence is in, the fact that this flapperon has no evidence of crash/impact damage does support a possibility that it may have fallen off a different Boeing 777 in a flight years ago and accumulated many barnacles along the way. It is still possible that a serial number may positively link this piece of wing to the missing Malaysian airliner. Will this “prove” the Malaysian airliner crashed at sea? Not at all.

Now allow me to add some of my own thoughts on this subject. First I refer readers to review my previous posts on this topic. In all of the recent media coverage I noticed that two of the major issues involving the mysterious disappearance of the Malaysian 777 were never mentioned. Firstly, the aviation experts discussed this story, incredibly in my view, without mentioning that the Malaysian airliner was evidently hijacked and that this was not at all a typical airliner crash (if any crash actually occurred). The Malaysian airliner, on its way to Beijing, China, suddenly “went dark”–dropping out of all communications contact, shutting off its transponder, altering course away from China, etc. There was a record of a military radar noting it heading westward across Sumatra toward the Indian Ocean and there was another apparent visual sighting of it off the southernmost tip of the Maldives Island chain heading southward in the general direction of Diego Garcia Island (the source links for those comments are in my original posts). My original posts noted that the world’s media and governmental spokespersons all avoided any mention of the fact that, in spite of the intense searches for the missing airliner in the South Indian Ocean, there is a British-owned Island named Diego Garcia in the South Indian Ocean which has an immense US air and naval base on it that could easily have accommodated the landing of the missing Malaysian airliner and swallowed it up in a cavernous hangar on the island. Even though the USA had a massive search and rescue capacity at Diego Garcia Island to use in searching for the missing airliner, the existence of the Diego Garcia base was censored out of media and official statements, and there was no mention that I saw or read in any media source about any of Diego Garcia’s many assets being used in the search. Indeed, given Diego Garcia’s great strategic importance as one of America’s biggest military bases on the planet, I’m sure that its powerful air-defense radars would have easily tracked the missing Malaysian airliner’s progress all across the South Indian Ocean. I wonder why no one in any media or governmental position ever bothered to ask Diego Garcia for its radar records of the time that the missing Malaysian airliner was flying into the Diego Garcia region.

Let’s back up and consider something. In the post-9/11 era of aviation safety, it is very hard to hijack an airliner. However, some entity did it with ease on the missing Malaysian airliner. This argues that this hijacking was done by a high-tech national intelligence or military unit. Remember that passengers on the hijacked airliners on 9/11 were able to call to loved ones via cell phones? There were no calls by any passenger on the missing Malaysian airliner, though there surely would have been the desire to make such calls by hijacked passengers. There had to be a high-tech, electronic dampening field that suppressed electronic cell-phone signals emanating from that airliner. The existence of devices to create dampening fields to prevent cell phone calls was depicted as being used by US federal agents in the plot of an NCIS-TV episode (on CBS-TV) where the NCIS team used a high-tech, dampening field device that prevented a terrorist from generating a cell phone signal to explode an IED planted under a bus filled with school girls. That same kind of device or a similar technology must have been on-board the Malaysian airliner to prevent all outgoing cell phone calls from reaching anyone. Also, it needs to be pointed out that an all-out effort to find the missing airliner by ships, airplanes and satellites located no debris field anywhere in the South Indian Ocean. You can be sure that since many Chinese citizens were on that flight, China tasked its satellites to scan every part of the South Indian Ocean for any debris field. When an AirAsia flight crashed into the Sea off Indonesia, the debris field was found rather quickly, and many bodies and airplane pieces were quickly recovered (third link). If a massive debris field existed from a crash of the missing large Malaysian airliner plunging into the South Indian Ocean, it too would have been found. However, no such debris field was ever found at sea, so logic dictates there was no crash at sea. No debris field for it was ever found on land either. This means that logic dictates that the missing airliner did not crash, but rather landed somewhere at a site selected by its hijackers. The fourth link features a wide variety of aerial photos taken above Diego Garcia Island–showing the massive runways, hangars, and naval facilities that exist there. One American B-2 “Stealth” bomber is shown inside a large hangar, and the largest bombers and aircraft in the USAF’s inventory are shown at this base in considerable numbers. It could land and hide a Boeing 777 easily. Take some time to look at these photos, and ask yourself why this massive base and its immense radar and search/rescue capabilities were not mentioned during the search for the missing Malaysian airliner, which supposedly crashed in the vicinity of this military base?

If it becomes factual that the tiny piece of wing washed up on Reunion Island is from the missing Malaysian airliner, why was there no immediate visual evidence of any crash damage on it? Indeed, if (notice I said “if”) the missing Malaysian airliner landed at Diego Garcia Island and was immediately hidden, it would have been easily possible to remove a small flapperon from the airliner and  place it in a guarded netting just offshore of Diego Garcia Island so it would be exposed to salty oceanic water for many months, have barnacles naturally attach themselves to it, etc. and then arrange to have a clandestine submarine or airplane drop it just offshore of Reunion Island to be found now.

I do find the extreme reluctance of all governments and media sources to even mention that the missing Malaysian airliner could easily have landed at Diego Garcia Island in the South Indian Ocean to be highly suspicious–especially since virtually all such reports included the shared assertion that they believed the airliner “disappeared” without a trace somewhere in the South Indian Ocean. Its bizarre disappearance seems to almost have a James Bond-like thriller aspect to it as in the movie, Moonraker or the various “Blofeld”-inspired geopolitical plots in James Bond movies.

One fact is clearly evident. Whoever hijacked that missing Malaysian airliner had to have an extremely high motivation for making sure something of very high value on that airliner did not reach its destination in Beijing, China. It may have been individuals, cargo, information or all three which were deemed of such national (and international) security interest that it justified hijacking that airplane and kidnapping the passengers and cabin crew. If the missing plane landed at Diego Garcia Island, what happened to them? Are they still alive? Are they being held in a rendition camp on Diego Garcia Island? One has to ask these questions because there was no evidence of any crash site or debris field for that airliner ever found on either land or sea. If a few pieces of debris are found and verified now, one has to ask why no debris field was found at the time the plane went missing and when there still would have been a massive debris field from such a large airliner if it had crashed at sea.

It is my view that something very strategic was on board that missing Malaysian airliner–so strategically vital that it justified such an extreme action to stop that particular plane from ever reaching its Chinese destination. One can only speculate what that might have been. The plans for a new weapon of mass destruction? More critical national secrets like those taken to China and Russia by Edward Snowden? Was some rogue party about to trigger a World War III? From a biblical viewpoint, it perhaps was an item or information of such high value that it would have altered the balance of power between the Gog-Magog bloc of Russia, China, Iran and its allies as prophesied in Ezekiel 38 vs. the western bloc led by the USA, NATO and its western allies (called the “house of Israel” in Ezekiel 38.) See my article, The USA in Bible Prophecy and my books for detailed information confirming the latter identification.

I’ll close with a frightening but possible thought. Sometimes terrible sacrifices have to be made to safeguard a far greater priority. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill sacrificed the city of Coventry to a Nazi bomber attack that he knew was coming to conceal the fact that the British had broken the German Enigma code and his action cost many British lives but safeguarded that secret for vital use over the duration of the war. US President Harry Truman dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killing over 100,000 Japanese civilians to save millions of American and Japanese lives that would have been lost if the Japanese home islands had been invaded at the end of World War II. If my view that the missing Malaysian airliner was hijacked by a very high-tech intelligence agency team is correct, it had to be an international “life or death” situation which triggered such an action. If we knew the real reason why it was hijacked and its true fate hidden by the entire world and all its media, we might actually agree with the decision if we had that information. That is the frightening thought I wanted to leave with you.

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