While I would like to post on other topics soon, the Israeli-Hamas war and its international repercussions are dominating the news cycle. I’ll begin with a stunning revelation that has come to light. Israeli soldiers have found that Hamas fighters inside Gaza were in possession of top-secret maps of Israeli military bases (first link). The information regarding Israeli bases, weaponry, etc. is so detailed that it has raised the obvious possibility that Hamas has spies inside Israel’s security forces or political agencies. The discovery that Hamas had such detailed maps and information about Israel’s defenses raises the issue that the Israelis need to investigate whether they have spies or traitors inside Israel’s security agencies. The second link supports the information in the first link, and adds that Hamas even had tactical reports in its possession noting where the armor of Israeli armored vehicles was weak. This kind of detailed military intelligence strongly argues Hamas either has spies inside Israel’s security and military agencies or it somehow hacked into the information on file in Israel’s own computers.

We can rejoice with the hostages who were set free during the “pause” in the Israeli-Hamas war, but early reports are that they have deep psychological/emotional wounds from their captivity as well as physical wounds. The third link reports that Hamas drugged captives being released with tranquilizers so they would not look so traumatized at the time of their release. Many hostages witnessed murders, tortures, rapes, etc. committed by Hamas when they attacked the peaceful Israeli settlements on October 7th. Unquestionably, they will be interviewed and shown photographs of all not-yet-released hostages to see if any released hostages ever saw the remaining captives alive during their captivity. They are also all witnesses to document the war crimes committed by Hamas in their invasion of Israel. It has also been revealed that some Israeli minors were “branded” with hot metal pipes during their captivity (fourth link). The US State Department has also proclaimed that some Israeli women held as hostages have not yet been released because they could reveal the extent of the sex crimes committed by Hamas vs. Israeli women (fifth link).

Is Hamas at all repentant for the war crimes and atrocities they committed vs. Israeli citizens? The answer is a clear “no.” The sixth link reveals the recent comments of a Hamas leader. He brazenly states that Hamas intends to perpetrate similar such attacks vs. the Israelis in the future. He sounds eager to repeat the atrocities of Hamas as soon as possible. Given this state of mind within Hamas, it is understandable that Israel has every right to protect the integrity of its nation and the security of its citizens. Israel has been victimized by extreme cruelty, and it has every right and necessity to wipe out Hamas in Gaza so the Hamas atrocities can never again be perpetrated on Israeli towns.

Israel is committed to rescuing as many hostages as possible and wiping out Hamas. Those who say Israel is causing too many civilian casualties in Gaza do not realize they are falling into a propaganda trap by Hamas. Hamas has distributed its forces among Gaze’s civilian population to maximize civilian casualties to use this as a propaganda tool vs. Israel. It must be realized also that Hamas is entirely responsible for the civilian deaths and suffering in Gaza. If Hamas had not perpetrated an attack and perpetrated atrocities vs. Israel in its initial attack, Israel would not now be retaliating vs. Hamas in an effort to annihilate it inside Gaza. 

Also, the USA and other nations are pressuring Israel to lessen the civilian death toll in this war. Israel has already been fighting with one hand tied behind its back. By dropping leaflets or making phone calls to civilians in areas to be attacked, Israel is showing a mercy to enemy civilians that is unprecedented in warfare. There are also few “innocent civilians” inside Gaza. The sixth link cites a poll which showed Gaza’s civilians overwhelmingly supported the invasion/atrocities inflicted on Israel by Hamas, and also overwhelmingly favor the destruction of the entire state of Israel (a Hamas goal).

You have, no doubt, seen media reports of duped students or misinformed Leftists marching in support of the Palestinians. Even some US senators have been demanding that the US government put heavier pressure on Israel to limit casualties within Gaza. The seventh link cites senators Bernie Sanders and Chris Van Hollen as declaring their support for the Palestinian cause. If Vermont or Maryland (the states represented by these senators) had been invaded and had over a thousand citizens killed and tortured to death by invaders and hundreds taken captive, I wonder if they would proclaim their support for the criminals as they are doing in the case of Hamas and Israel?

There is an incredible degree of hypocrisy being displayed by those telling Israel to inflict less civilian casualties in their war against those who want to destroy the Israeli nation altogether. When the USA fought World War II, did it rain leaflets on Nagasaki and Hiroshima warning Japanese civilians to leave those cities to save perhaps a hundred thousand civilian lives before the atomic bombs were dropped? Did Nazi Germany drop leaflets on London, Coventry and other British cities before the “blitz” began? Did Japan drop leaflets on Chinese cities to limit civilian casualties before they bombed them? Did the USA and Britain drop leaflets on Berlin, Dresden and other German cities to limit civilian casualties before they were fire-bombed and tens (or hundreds) of thousands of civilians died.? After America was attacked on 9/11 and the Twin Towers were destroyed, what would have been the reaction of America’s government and people if other nations had said the USA was killing too many civilians in their war against Al Queda, ISIS, the Taliban and other terrorists? I think you get the idea of how hypocritical it is for US Secretary of State Blinken or other Western politicians to lecture Israel on how to conduct its wars in a way that the USA and other major nations have never done or even considered. The eighth link and ninth link offer educated guesses regarding how many civilians were killed during post-9/11 wars and the Vietnam War.  It is always regrettable that civilians get killed during wars, but the number of civilians killed inside Gaza in the current war is minuscule compared to the totals killed during World War II and all subsequent wars.

Matthew 24:6-8 warn that “wars and rumors of wars” will characterize the latter days of our age. That prophecy has certainly been fulfilled. Given that Russia is still invading Ukraine, Hezbollah (Iran’s proxy) and Israel are trading artillery and rocket barrages along Israel’s northern border and that the Houthis (Iran’s proxy) are firing missiles and attack drones at civilian merchant ships and at a US warship in the Red Sea, this war could escalate quickly. It has been a long time since the world was this close to a major regional war.

I’ll leave you with a disturbing thought. It was reported above that Hamas had surprisingly detailed maps and secret  information about Israel’s towns, military bases and equipment in their possession, It is a certainty that this secret information was passed on to Iran’s war-planners. Iran has already, no doubt, factored that secret information into an attack plan for a  first strike vs. Israel. Israel needs to take that threat very seriously. It is also possible that Iran penetrated Israel’s security agencies and obtained this secret information and gave it to Hamas and its other proxies.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem (and modern Judah), as Psalm 122:6 advises us. 

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