This is one of those blogs “where a picture is worth a thousand words.” You have no doubt heard and seen many media reports about the crisis that exists in Hamas-run Gaza. The suffering of the Palestinian people is very real, but their leaders keep bringing this suffering on their own people. For example, the most recent war that occurred between Hamas and the Israelis in Gaza happened only because the Palestinians fired thousands of rockets and mortars at Israeli towns and citizens. No nation in the world would take this provocation endlessly without a military response. What was actually surprising is that the Israelis waited so long to attack Gaza to stop the rocket attacks.

The world media regularly depicts the Palestinians in Gaza as the victims and depicts the Israelis as the bullies. This was the theme of almost all the press reports heard in the aftermath of the Israeli interception of a flotilla of ships that was heading for Gaza. Several people on the ships were killed and several Israelis were wounded although the videoclips of the Israelis rappelling onto the deck show the violence was started by the Hamas-sympathizers on the ship. Later, when heavy infantry weapons for Hamas were found in the cargo holds of the “humanitarian” shipments being brought to Gaza by the flotilla, there was little mention of that fact by the same world media that had pilloried the Israelis for thinking there were weapons for Hamas on board the flotilla.

The link below (sent by a reader) contains a photo which should tell you all you need to know about the intentions of the Palestinians ruled by Hamas in Gaza. It shows a Palestinian garbage truck that is secretly outfitted to be a rocket-launcher for nine missiles when the back of the truck is elevated. The link also notes that the Israelis have evidence that “ambulances and emergency vehicles” used by Hamas in Gaza are outfitted in like fashion. In the event of a future war, the Israelis may have to target such vehicles in Gaza because they know they are secretly outfitted to be rocket launchers to shoot missiles at Israeli targets. The world media will likely brand the Israelis as attacking “innocent” civilian vehicles. However, after seeing the picture in the link below, you will know the truth.