FOX News reported yesterday that US Border Patrol agents were involved in a “firefight” on the Mexican border as they exchanged gunfire with unknown assailants who were shooting at them from the Mexican side of the border (see link below). Federal officials are being tight-lipped about the cross-border gun battle as they “did not release how many agents were involved, how many shots were fired or the number of shooters on the Mexican side.” Thankfully, no American agents were injured or killed. This is “at least the second time in three months” that gunfire has erupted across the border involving Border Patrol agents, and the link mentions other incidents where gunfire has entered the USA from the Mexican side of the border. It is possible that more such incidents of cross-border gunfights have occurred without any media reports about them.

Given the many media reports about the heavily-armed drug gangs in Mexico and the high level of armed violence within many Mexican regions, it is a surprise that more such cross-border incidents have not occurred. Clearly, the US-Mexican border is not secure and there has been growing disgust within the American states that it is the US government itself which has declined to either secure the border or stop illegal immigration across it. Arizona’s recently-passed law on allowing their law enforcement agents to require proof of citizenship under certain law enforcement situations was a direct result of the federal laxity. To the chagrin of many American voters (who will likely be heard from in November), the US Federal government sued to stop Arizona from enforcing the law! We have reached a pitiful state of affairs in this nation when the US Federal government sues an American state to prevent the enforcement of US Federal laws.

The Apostle Paul prophesied “perilous times” would occur in the latter days. The increased level of danger on the USA’s southern border is just one of many symptoms of that prophecy being fulfilled in many ways. If the US government was serious about protecting the US border, why wouldn’t they simply¬†station US troops on the border and secure it? If the violence continues to grow and the federal government continues to decline to enforce its own laws and secure the border to protect American citizens, American state governments are eventually likely to take more serious actions to protect their citizens than was attempted in the recent Arizona law.