It is rare that I post two blogs dated the same day, but this item is so serious that it must be given to readers immediately. I received one of the links below from a reader in Florida which tipped me off to the story. Its implications are most ominous for global geopolitics and also consistent with biblical prophecies. A quick websearch turned up other websites and blogs also posting this same information to their readers so I see no need to delay in letting readers of this website see this critical information as well. A sampling of such website reports are listed below.

The links below all report that the Gulf Stream current which powers the oceanic currents in the Atlantic Ocean (and keeps northern Europe warmer that it would be ordinarily be at its latitude) is failing. If (notice I said “if”) this report is true, it has apocalyptic implications. The report indicates that a “loop current” in the Gulf of Mexico which ordinarily funnels warm waters into the Gulf Stream has failed in the aftermath of the massive BP oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. How this has occurred is technical and I’ll leave the details of that explanation to the links below, which document this story with satellite photos and scientific evidence. The first link notes that the Gulf Stream oceanic current powers the “Thermohaline Circulation System,” and states that this key system which stabilizes global climate is “now dead in places and dying in others.” If this assertion is true, we are looking at a global climate crisis of biblical proportions.

At the outset, let’s acknowledge three alternatives re: this report: (A) It may be true as reported, (B) it may be less serious than reported or (C) it may even be more serious than reported. If the Gulf Stream is breaking down, it means that warm waters from lower latitudes will not flow toward northern Europe as in the past. This has obviously ominous implications for all who live in northern climates, but especially for those in Iceland, the British Isles, Ireland and Scandinavia. If these nations’ climates turn colder, they will have shorter growing seasons and crops that once flourished in those nations may fail in the future. If food supplies are curtailed, political and social turmoil would occur in many nations globally. One detail in the links below is that Russia has curtailed shipments of wheat in order to preserve its own supplies. Could that be an indicator that Russia is aware of this danger already and is taking steps to preserve food for its people? If so, that is an entirely logical step for a nation to take. Expect more such steps from food-exporting nations. If the Atlantic Gulf Stream current is really breaking down, this could result in great hardship in nations around the world that depend on food imports.

The first link cites other strange weather patterns as possible symptoms of a global climate change crisis. Cited are such factors as “unheard of high temperatures in Moscow…and drought and flooding in Central Europe, with high temperatures in much of Asia and massive flooding in China, Pakistan, and elsewhere in Asia.” The floods in Pakistan are truly of apocalyptic proportions and I’m sure readers have been seeing stories about it in media articles. The fourth through seventh links (sent by a different reader) document reports of unusually cold weather hitting Canada, the northern US and China. I can attest to some bizarre weather circumstances in my region of the USA. Recently I heard reports of snow in North Dakota on a day when some places in South Dakota nearly hit 100 degrees. If the Atlantic Gulf Stream is breaking down, it will trigger climatic traumas and oddities in many other parts of the globe.

Matthew 24:7 mentions famines as occurring in the latter days prior to the return of Jesus Christ/Yahshua, but the Bible does not give the causation of the famines. Revelation 6:5-6 also foretells that global food shortages and food rationing will occur in the latter days. The break-down of the Atlantic Gulf Stream could trigger global famines by causing much colder temperatures in northern latitudes and shorter growing seasons. As if that is not enough of a problem, the eighth link (also sent by a reader) describes that the sun’s odd behavior may be a harbinger of another reason for colder temperatures in northern climates and “little ice age” types of condition.

It is obvious that warfare (predicted in Matthew 24:7 in the same verse that prophesies famines) could result from global climate changes and famines. Hungry nations with strong armies will likely send those armies to grab food resources in neighboring nations that are “soft targets.” If the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico truly does trigger a course of events which leads to hardship in many nations, it could even be the catalyst that leads to the fall of Babylon the Great’s global economic/commercial/monetary system (our current global economic system). This collapse is foretold in Revelation 17-18, and I’ve blogged about it many times. My article, Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a new Global “Beast” Power, gives the most detail about the eventual fulfillments of this prophecy. Revelation  17:16 prophesies that its fall will be a hard one, indeed. If it is true (notice I again said “if”) that a BP oil spill sets in motion the events that lead to serious and life-threatening climate changes for many nations, the corporate elites of Babylon the Great’s current system cannot expect the nations or people of the world to react with anything but fury toward them. If the current global economic/monetary system falls, it will be replaced with a new global system called the “Beast” power” in Bible prophecies. If a global climate crisis develops, this would be a compelling reason to create a global response with a global governmental body to enforce changes in behavior and policies among the nations to meet the challenge. Changes now unthinkable could occur if the climates of nations are radically altered. Longtime democratic nations could even turn to dictatorial rulership in order to equitably distribute money and resources among all citizens. This possibility of a global climate crisis needs to be followed closely, but the national governments aren’t addressing it publicly yet. Perhaps they are afraid to do so.

One final thought. If the reports in the links below are true, it means that we have just entered into a time of heightened global danger and disruption. It also means that the biblical prophecies are coming to pass in front of our eyes. It would be noteworthy if some (or many) of the apocalyptic latter-day prophecies are triggered not by the actions of an “angry God,” but rather by the foolish and greedy actions of mankind itself.