The first link offers amazing information about a new material called graphene, which won a Nobel prize for its inventors. The first link gives an overview of graphene’s amazing properties and the second link and third link offer more details about this amazing “wonder” substance about which the public knows very little, I believe.

Graphene is “stronger than diamonds” as well as a “better conductor than copper.” It is “97% transparent” and is very elastic. It is made from carbon/graphite and can be made to have applications, apparently, even when it is in a layer just one atom thick. It even has medical qualities and, according to the first link, can be injected into the human body to perform specific missions. It is truly remarkable. It may also make electric cars far more efficient and practical than they now are. Graphene has almost unlimited possible applications at the nano-technology level. In these links, you can read about some of the practical applications that graphene can have in the commercial world, once it can be manufactured in large quantities with a high degree of quality control.

After reviewing these links, I can suggest a few other applications for graphene not mentioned there. Consider possible military applications. Given that graphene is incredibly strong and light, it could be used to add an extra layer of great strength to tanks, warships, warplanes, body armor, satellites, etc. A layer of super, lightweight graphene stitched into a soldier’s uniform may give that soldier a bulletproof, flexible uniform and helmet. The fact that graphene can make plastic cellophane conduct electricity has implications for possible terrorist threats. What could graphene do in the hands of terrorists with plastic explosives that could make plastics conduct electricity while attached to a timing device or a remote, cell-phone detonator? This material has to be kept out of terrorists’ hands.

Prophetically, I see one obvious possibility for graphene fulfilling a biblical prophecy. Many Christians (including me) have speculated about what Revelation 16:17’s “mark of the beast” might be. Graphene nano-particles injectable into human bodies make graphene an obvious candidate for implementing the mark of the beast. The first link notes that graphene is so thin and conductive of electrical currents that it may revolutionize and miniaturize today’s circuit boards. Since graphene has nanotechnology applications and can be injected into human bodies, could graphene eventually be used as injectable nano-particles that would be individualized for each person, making it a kind of “fingerprint” for each person as well as a “smart chip” that would be invisible inside human bodies even as it stores information about that individual?

My thanks to a reader who sent me the first link and prompted this post.

Graphene on The One Show