A true oddity has come to light. The super-giant technology company, Google, has spent a great deal of money and time building two gigantic floating barges housing an immense amount of storage space. One is located in San Francisco and one in Portland, ME. A great deal of speculation can be found on internet links by writers wondering what the real purpose for the gigantic barges really is. One link speculated that Google’s giant barges were an example of the company’s “whimsy,” while others speculate it will be an interactive center of some kind. See these two links [1, 2] for background information on Google’s mysterious barges. I have some thoughts on the matter.
Several links have reported that the mystery barges will be equipped with twelve large sails for alternative energy propulsion. A brief, one-paragraph report entitled the “Google ghost ships” by USA Today in its 10-29 print issue included a comment that the Google “ghost ships” could be “a data center in the event of a natural disaster.” I think that that explanation may be closer to the true purpose of the ships than the above-cited speculations. Two gigantic barges with massive storage space with one on each coast begs the question of what is their purpose. They could be facilities loaded with technological equipment to re-start critical US communications infrastructures in the event of an EMP event taking down the US electrical grids. Such an EMP event could come from an attack on the USA by a hostile nation or it could come from an astronomical event like a massive solar flare. The fact that the barges are being equipped with massive sails infers that the barges are being manufactured to be moved by old-fashioned wind power in the event electrical power goes down.
The location of one of the barges in the San Francisco area would also position the West Coast barge to be in a position to assist rescue efforts in the San Francisco area in the event of a massive earthquake in that region. San Francisco is in the bulls-eye of California’s fault lines and is particularly vulnerable to any earthquake that qualifies as “the big one” that scientists have warned is inevitable at some point in the future.
It is possible the barges may have more than one purpose, but it appears plausible that they could be data-recovery and communications-recovery facilities in the event of a huge natural disaster or man-made EMP attack. The fact that one barge is located on each American coast offers general support to that theory. However, there is a major problem with locating these barges at sea instead of on land. These barges are extremely vulnerable on the water. In the event of a man-made, hostile EMP attack on the USA, all enemies of the USA now know about them due to media reports and one torpedo or cruise missile could destroy them. If there is an astronomical disaster like a meteor or a cosmic object hitting the oceans, these barges would be quickly destroyed in the tsunami that such an event would create. This fact argues against their being manufactured to prepare for any meteor strike or geological event that could cause a destructive tsunami.
We really don’t know what the purpose of these expensive and secretive barges really is. We don’t even know if they were made to respond to a potential problem or if they are the means to create a problem in some kind of elaborate false-flag operation. Nothing is known for sure, so all options are open to consideration. Since public statements about them vary so much, none of them is likely to be seen as a convincing answer.
Whether these mystery barges built secretively by a high-tech company will fit into any biblical prophecy context is also unknown. However, something odd is afoot, and I wanted readers to be aware of this mystery.