I’m surprised this story ever made it into the mainstream press. Goldman Sachs, the huge “insider” Wall Street bank, is being helped by the US government to keep as Goldman’s proprietary secret, a software program which (according to Bloomberg News) is so sophisticated that it can “manipulate markets.” In the first link below, Bloomberg reports on a story that sounds like an international spy thriller novel.

Sergey Aleynikov, a Goldman Sachs computer staffer who was a dual US-Russian citizen, was arrested at an airport before he could depart the USA. According to the charges filed against him, he had already sent to Germany a very sensitive Goldman-Sachs computer program and recipients in Germany “and others” may already have access to this top-secret Goldman program.

What is especially noteworthy is the comment in the fourth paragraph that “The bank [Goldman Sachs] has raised the possibility that there is a danger that somebody who knew how to use this program could use it to manipulate markets in unfair ways (emphasis added).” Think about how stark an admission this is. The article indicates that Goldman-Sachs has a developed a computer program which can “manipulate markets,” and it does not want to share this ability with any other traders. Note Goldman is cited as worrying that markets might be manipulated in “unfair” ways by others. Pray tell, how does one manipulate markets in “fair” ways? Apparently, Goldman thinks that if it uses its own market manipulation software to benefit itself, it is a “fair” use of its software. This obviously begs the question of whether, and how long, Goldman Sachs has been using this software which is designed to “manipulate markets?” Has it been used to “manipulate markets” on both stock exchanges and in commodity markets? If so, this would be the biggest insider trading scandal in history, and all those in Goldman-Sachs who designed, operated and approved a “market manipulation” software should be destined for new lodging next to the cell wherever Bernie Madoff is these days.

Goldman Sachs is known as an “insider” bank which operates very closely with the Federal Reserve Board and the US Treasury (where many ex-Goldman Sachs executives show up in top positions). Hmm. One does wonder who all was using and benefiting from Goldman Sachs’ proprietary software program to “manipulate markets.”   Bloomberg’s article raises a serious concern that there may no longer be a truly “‘free market” in any stock or commodity market today. After all, Goldman-Sachs isn’t the only insider bank which can hire top-flight (and corrupt) computer programmers to design software to rig (i.e. “manipulate”) markets. Given that the media has documented that the SEC worked hard to “look the other way” for about 9 years while Wall Street insider, Bernie Madoff was ripping off billions from investors in spite of credible evidence of his criminality, I wouldn’t be too optimistic that the SEC (or any other US federal agency) will be eager to investigate the extent to which Goldman Sachs used its “market manipulation” software. The second cartoon, from USA Today (the July 16, 2009 issue) lampoons the US government policies which allow Goldman Sachs to benefit from the “bail out” programs while average Americans on Main Street receive either crumbs or nothing from these bail out programs. However, with so many Goldman Sachs ex-executives running the Treasury Department, why is this a surprise? It is crony capitalism on display for all to see.

The obvious corruption issues in this story are obvious and serious, but there is a much larger issue that ties this story into a key Bible prophecy. I hope all readers have read my articles “What Kind of Captivity?” and “Is Babylon the Great about to Fall…Ushering in a Global Beast System?” (both available at the “articles” link at this website). The former article explains the origin of the modern banking system in ancient Babylon, which is why Revelation 17 and 18 refer to the modern banking-based world economic system as “Babylon the Great.” The latter article examines Revelation 17 and 18 in detail as these chapters foretell that this banking-based, global system is going to experience a very hard collapse at some point during the latter days of this age. It almost globally collapsed in September, 2008 when world markets almost had a heart attack, according to numerous media and official sources. At some point in the future, Babylon the Great’s system (now dominated by the Federal Reserve Board, Goldman Sachs, and many other big “players” in global finance) will suffer a lethal “heart attack” of some kind and the prophesied “beast” system will emerge from the global chaos that Babylon the Great’s fall will cause (Revelation 17:9-18). Revelation 17 prophesies “seven heads and ten horns” will engineer the collapse of Babylon the Great’s global system. These “heads” and “horns” could be nations, foreign central banks, Sovereign Wealth Funds, etc. We do not yet know who they will be, but we do know that Russia, China and other nations have called for a new global currency to replace the debauched US dollar, and we know Germany’s Angela Merkel publicly slammed the policies of the US Federal Board (which seems to be Goldman-Sach’s “tag team” partner in dominating (or can we now say “manipulating”) US and global markets. Stealing Goldman-Sach’s top-secret computer software program on how to “manipulate markets” would be a great way to bring down the US Federal Reserve/Goldman Sachs dominance of global markets, wouldn’t it? The arrested ex-Goldman Sachs programmer has Russian citizenship and had apparently already sent chunks of this secret code to Germany. Hmm. The beginning of this blog noted that the Bloomberg story indicated that Germany “and others” may have already received at least parts of Goldman Sach’s program to “manipulate markets.” I wonder who those “others” might be? Perhaps those “others” may be part of the emerging group the Bible calls the “seven heads and ten horns.”

Behind the scenes a very powerful financial war is now being waged for global dominance. On one side are the insider governments and banks of the current Babylon the Great system. On the other side are the nations and entities which want to overthrow Babylon the Great’s system. Revelation 17 and 18 prophesy that “the other side” will eventually win this titanic struggle, but the prophecy doesn’t “set dates” so neither do I. But the Bloomberg story has given us commoners a little glimpse of the struggle now happening in secret places where the general public isn’t allowed to know what is occurring. Personally, I don’t think Goldman-Sachs can keep its secret “manipulation” program secret much longer now that the entire world knows it exists. China has immense monetary surpluses to buy what it wants on the world market. China can vastly multiply the salary and bonuses of any Goldman Sachs executive or programmer willing to give China the code. Lots of Goldman-Sachs executives and former executives travel to China. Other blogs have documented China’s spying within the USA is very intense, and their computer hacking skills are top-notch. I wonder how long it will be till Goldman’s program is being analyzed in Beijing.

When the prophesied collapse of Babylon the Great happens, the average man-in-the-street’s comfort zone will collapse with it. Citizens all over the world will demand a “savior” who will build a new global financial system, restore normal trade, commerce, etc. It is out of that chaos the prophesied “beast” system will emerge. When the beast system comes, the “trains will run on time again” and the world will cheer. That is when this current age will enter the end-game events which are already pre-determined in Bible prophecy.


Cartoon by Mike Smith from the Las Vegas Sun