The first link has some very interesting information which indicates that the West’s sanctions against Iran could backfire badly against the USA and the West. Indeed, that may already be happening and there may even be a prophetic significance to it.
The USA Today article reports that other nations are now finding other ways to pay for Iran’s oil other than in US dollars, Euros or other currencies previously used before the recent tougher sanctions were implemented by the USA and the West. A recent post reported that Iran had been booted from the international “SWIFT” program which facilitated payments in international trade via the global banking system. The first link reports that India, China and other nations are now paying for Iran’s oil in gold or other commodities and even finished consumer goods such as cars, washers, refrigerators, clothing, etc. Indeed, this new method of paying for Iran’s oil is both credentialing gold as a new international monetary currency and is also creating an international barter system for global trade! As these alternate methods of trade expand, the US Dollar, the Euro and the banking system itself are being replaced by a new method of conducting international trade.
Apparently, there are big plans for other nations to continue buying Iranian oil via gold, finished good and other commodities. The link reports that Iran has placed an order for China to build 12 new supertankers to transport the huge volumes of Iranian oil which will now be bought outside the West’s currency and banking system. China’s factories will benefit and the West will lose out on all this construction business.
It begs the question of who is being hurt the worst by the sanctions against Iran. There seems to be no effect of the sanctions on halting or even slowing Iran’s nuclear programs. As many of my posts have noted, Revelation 17-18 prophesy the current global monetary/economic system will collapse in the latter days, to be replaced by a new monetary/economic system established by a new “beast” system. The ability of Iran and its trading partners to carry on their trade without any need for the US dollar, the Euro or even the banking system itself weakens the hold that the West’s currencies and banking system have had on world trade, hastening the eventual fulfillment of the prophecies of Revelation 17-18.
The second link is a humorous look at the situation, observing in cartoon form that the EU’s sanctions against Iran are hurting Iran less than the EU’s sanctions against one of its own nations, Greece.  Elections are imminent in Greece, France and perhaps other nations in Europe. The outcome of those elections could alter the entire process whereby Germany and other Nordic nations have been attempting to use the EU to impose harsh austerity measures on the southern Eurozone members. The Euro as we know it today might unravel yet. The third link notes that Moody’s has just downgraded Spain’s debt rating by two notches, creating a “crisis of huge proportions” which threatens the Spanish banking system and its economy which already has unemployment of over 22%.
What happens in Europe will have massive effects on the USA as well. I just watched a cable-TV report which reported that the reported US unemployment rate of 8.2% is a phony statistic as that figure is attained by the US government pretending that 5,000,000 unemployed Americans don’t “officially” exist, and that the real American unemployment rate is over 10%. Readers can always go to the independent website,, to see what the real inflation and unemployment rates are in the USA, which are much worse than the official government reports. As the US election draws nearer, it is worth observing that the voters will be casting their votes based on the real world inflation and unemployment rates, not the rosy manipulated reports issued by the US government and dutifully reported by its handmaidens in the establishment press. While I make no election predictions, that does not bode well for Obama.