A friend sent me the first link, and it triggered this post on the subject of genetically-modified foods and the very plausible possibility that genetically-modified (GM) foods are the real cause of the massive bee die-off called colony collapse disorder.

The first link reports that China has rejected the import of 545,000 tons of US corn due its genetically-modified content. That is a lot of corn (over a billion pounds!). The link notes that China accepts some GM imports, but rejects others. The second link documents that European nations and consumers don’t want GM foods on their plates and gives a history of the GM issue. The third link (dated 2001) offers additional explanations for the EU’s rejection of GM foods. Obviously, US exports of its agricultural products are at risk as more nations refuse to accept or eat GM foods.

The effort to genetically modify foods had the initial goal of increasing crop yields and global food supplies. That was a worthy initial goal. However, GM seeds/foods may actually result in a drastic reduction in many food supplies around the globe. There is now growing evidence (fourth link) that GM foods are the cause of the massive bee die-offs that have been occurring in the USA and other nations. This is a very critical issue as many food crops require bees as pollinators for food production to occur at all. If there are no pollinators, there is no crop. I suppose some crops may have some skimpy production due to pollination by wind, but the reduction in food supplies in many food categories would be catastrophic if the bee die-off continues. There are so many internet links on the connection between GM foods and the bee die-off that I’ve included the fifth link for readers to peruse as many of the articles on this vital subject as they wish.

Few people, I think, realize just how dependent many food crops are on bee pollination.  How many readers have apple or other fruit trees in your backyard? Have you noticed how many bees are hovering all over the tree when it is blossoming in the Spring? They are pollinating your apple and fruit trees so fruit actually gets produced. If there are no bees, you will likely have no apples or fruits on your trees. The sixth link lists the fruits, vegetables and other crops which are dependent on pollinators like honey bees, which you will see are a primary pollinator for many of these crops. If honey bees continue to die off, all crops with honey bees as primary pollinator are in danger of production collapses.

The EU’s population has been adamant in refusing to consume GM foods and Monsanto, a primary beneficiary of GM seeds, desperately needs to change minds in the EU to allow its GM products to be sold or planted there. Lo and behold, a new study has suddenly been released which attempts to show to the EU that GM foods are OK. I’ve included it as the seventh link for you to read in an effort to present both sides of the story. Even that link acknowledges that multi-generational studies of rats show they are damaged by GM foods. No multi-generational studies of the effects of GM foods are yet possible as it would take many decades to do such a study properly. While Europeans are alert to the risks of GM foods, Americans are being used as guinea pigs in a GM experiment because the US Congress won’t pass any laws to require the labeling of foods that contain GM foods. Such a law is vitally needed in my view, but Congress does the bidding of the big corporations on this matter and ignores the possible health risks to the American people by their being fed GM foods without their knowledge or consent. If you wish to avoid GM foods in your diet, the final link (dated 2012) gives a list of common American grocery store items that contain GM foods. Even if GM foods were ever conclusively proven to be safe to consume, if GM crops are causing the die-off of bee colonies, the GM foods will have to be banned everywhere in order to save global foodstocks.

Matthew 24:7 and Revelation 6:5-6 both prophesy that famines and food shortages will arise during the latter days on the earth before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. The latter prophecy indicates that food will be rationed by price as well as edict (very apropos for the capitalistic societies of the modern world). Wouldn’t it be remarkable if mankind’s own efforts to increase food supplies by creating GM seeds and foods actually lead to such a widespread die-off of the bee pollinators that many categories of foods simply disappear from food shelves? If so, then GM products will be to Monsanto what Edsel was to the Ford Motor Company.