May 29, 2009
Steve Collins
All readers are, I’m sure, familiar with all the fuss of recent years about global warming. There has been no doubt that glaciers have shrunk worldwide so that has been a valid recent trend. However, the extent of global warming may have been overstated by such things as locating sensors at locations (i.e. hot parking lots) where temperature readings overstate the problem. Recently, there have been reports on the internet that the northern icepack is growing again and that we have been in a global cooling period. If so, the reason has to do with the sun, not mankind’s activities.
The first link below is from a reader who monitors global temperatures, and I wanted to pass it on to all the readers of this website. The first link documents that solar sunspot activity has dropped to historically low levels. Such low sunspot levels in the  past have been associated with periods of global cooling which caused famines and severe hardship for many nations. The second link documents that Canada is currently in a period of cooling temperatures. The first two links are on the technical side, but I think readers will see the evidence being presented is persuasive. The third link is more readable but still presents clear evidence that the earth is now cooling…as a result of diminished heating from the sun.
How could this have a biblically-significant impact? If we are entering a period of time like the “Maunder Minimum” mentioned in the links below, it means that we are entering a time of weather changes with shorter growing seasons in the heavily-populated northern temperate zone that could bring starvation to some regions of the world and food shortages to all nations. Food shortages were prophesied in Revelation 6:5-6 to occur during the latter days of this age.  Add global cooling to the possible causes of food shortages in future years. If/when these food shortages occur, there could easily be food wars between nations as hungry nations (especially well-armed ones) will not willingly starve while other nearby nations have food. Wars are also prophesied to be one of the latter-day plagues which will afflict the world (Revelation 6:4). Food shortages could easily cause such wars.
If you would like to learn more about the declining sunspot activity that is now happening and the Maunder Minimum (in sunspot activity) of the Middle Ages which caused so much hunger and death, you can do your own websearch and see numerous articles to review.
On the other hand, at the very climax of this age, the earth is also prophesied to experience severe global warming. Revelation 16:8-9 prophesies that one of the “last seven plagues” to strike the earth at the very end of this age will be scorching heat. This severe heat will be caused by the Creator authorizing an angel to do something to our sun (verse 8).
So the question posed in the title of this blog is that we are likely to get both global cooling and global warming. We are entering a period of global cooling if sunspot activity is any guide, but the very end of this age will witness what may be unprecedented heat from the sun. When Jesus Christ/Yashua returns, he will “restore all things” (Acts 3:20-21), so don’t worry. The world will not end.  However, those alive (and without faith or biblical knowledge) on the earth at the end of this age likely will think that it is coming to an end.