No doubt, you have noticed that there have been a plethora of media stories, articles, links, etc. warning that “man-made global warming” is getting worse and that the masses must all lower their “carbon footprint” to save the planet. It is worth noting that the political and globalist leaders who sound those warnings generally have the highest carbon footprint of all–flying to their resorts and pampered meeting places in private jets. If they really wanted any credibility, those elitists would take public transportation to lower their own carbon footprints. They persistently refuse to do so which means the masses need not take their warnings seriously.

I’m not going to try and convince you that the planet isn’t warming. I believe it is abundantly clear that it is in a warming cycle. However, I am unconvinced that humans have anything to do with the warming cycle and I am unconvinced that the masses buying electric cars and using less fossil fuels is going to do anything to reverse this warming trend.

Consider the information in the first link. A scientific report confirms that the sun is responsible for variations in earth’s temperature cycles, not man-made activities at all. It cites the “Medieval Warming Period” which included the Viking Period circa 1000 AD. During this time the Vikings were able to settle Greenland and grow crops there. They had to abandon their colonies in Greenland when the solar activity cycle changed and the earth cooled. Solar activity lessened during the Medieval period which included the “Little Ice Age” time in Europe. Obviously, the industrial revolution was centuries away in 1000 AD so man-made industrial greenhouse gases did not then exist and the earth warmed up apart from any human activities. Since the Vikings could plant crops in Greenland circa 1000 AD and we cannot grow grain crops in Greenland today, it is evident that our current time has not yet gotten anywhere near as warm as the earth was in 1000 AD.

If real science was being publicized around the world instead of politically-correct propaganda, everyone would realize that the dogma of man-made global warming is not true. In 2017, 31,000 scientists signed a document declaring that it is not true that man-made global warming is an established fact (second link). The list included two Nobel Prize winners, four NASA astronauts and 9,000 PhDs. That’s an impressive list rebutting the idea of man-made global warming! Do you remember that report? Do you hear it cited anywhere today in media stories? That impressive repudiation of the man-made global warming dogma was given little attention and the story was quickly buried by the establishment media. Clearly, the purveyors of the man-made global warming dogma do not want the masses to realize that their dogma is false.

Last fall I posted that the 1,600 climate scientists denounced “global warming” as a hoax, and collectively declared that there is “no climate emergency (third link).” Did you see in-depth reports on that declaration and follow-up stories in the media to ensure everyone learned about and understood that message? Of course not. The PC propagandists do not want the masses to hear the truth or anything which deviates from the established narratives being pushed by the establishment political and media sectors.

I think we all are convinced that global temperatures rose significantly in 2023. You have surely heard, read and seen many media articles proclaiming this fact and telling the masses that they need to change their behaviors to save the planet. I have repeatedly seen such media reports assert that there has been a 1.5°C increase in global temperatures just last year, and fossil fuels and other man-made activities are routinely blamed for this temperature rise. What these media reports all ignore is that a huge aquatic volcano erupted in the remote South Pacific in 2022, and that this volcano spewed many trillions of gallons of water vapor into the upper atmosphere where it would increase global temperatures in 2023 because those trillions of gallons of water vapor particles would act as greenhouse gases. Some climatologists predicted that a 1.5°C increase in global temperatures in 2023 was to be expected because of the effects of this super-volcano. The fourth link is a post of mine which documented that the global warming effects of the volcano were so great that there was nothing mankind could do to stop it from happening. The fact that a super volcano caused the global warming that we are now experiencing is routinely omitted from media reports on global warming. The fifth link is a recent media report by an establishment media source which I’ve included as an example of the many articles which warn that the recently accelerated global temperature is proof the masses must all change their behaviors due to the man-made global warming activities committed by the masses. Like most articles and media reports, it fails to mention that the real reason for the rapid increase in 2023 temperatures is a super volcano that received very little media attention. The articles that told the truth about the global-warming effects of the super volcano also warned its warming effects may last years so a higher level of heat on the planet is likely for several more years. Indeed, if we experience more such super volcanoes, temperatures will rise even faster and there is nothing mankind can do to stop it.

Revelation 16:8-9 warn that at some point in the latter days of our age, the earth will become a lot warmer due to something that will happen to our sun. Will it be an accelerated amount of heat coming toward the earth due to an increase in solar flares, an increase in general solar activity or something else? I do not know, but biblical prophecy indicates it will happen. The information in the links in this post confirm that natural changes in the the sun and the earth have far greater effects on earth’s climate than mankind’s puny actions. You can also confirm that we are now living in the biblically-prophesied “latter day” period of time when Revelation 16 and many other biblical prophecies will be fulfilled. You can see abundant evidence of this conclusion in my article entitled, Are We Living in the Biblical Latter Days?