As the global warming conference is being held in Copenhagen, Denmark, that nation is being hammered by record cold! It is as if the heavens themselves were making a mockery of the “global warming” conference. The first link below gives a “photo” of global-warming apostle Al Gore walking on a street in Copenhagen. It also has a serious piece of news that Arctic sea ice is advancing “beyond its normal location” for this time of year. Apparently the polar ice sheet will offer ideal habitat for polar bears this year. Global cooling seems to be the real danger at present. I’ll bet many outdoor “global warming” events at Copenhagen had to be cancelled due to the blizzard and record cold hitting Denmark now.

I have long been a skeptic about man-made global warming reports because I’m aware of historical facts that the earth has climate cycles that are far longer than mankind’s ability to reliably monitor weather patterns. For example, when the Vikings colonized “Greenland,” they gave it that name because they could grow crops there. That was circa 1000 AD and there were no man-made “greenhouse gases” at that time. The Viking settlements also founded in northeast Canada at that time could support themselves by growing food. When more normal cold cycles returned, those Viking settlements had to be abandoned.

Let’s look at other evidence that we are now in a “global cooling” phase. The second link below reports that blizzards are trapping thousands in India. The third link adds a story about record cold and snowfalls across the continental USA (I can attest this is true as my state has been hit by unusually cold weather). Are these just “normal fluctuations” in the northern hemisphere’s winter months? I don’t think so. The fourth link below reports that Australia is experiencing snowfall even though it is summer there! There is growing evidence that we are entering a period of global cooling just as the “chicken littles” in Copenhagen are warning us all that the “sky is about to fall” due to global warming.

The fifth and sixth links document a story that is being withheld from the masses by the globalists (and their handmaidens in the media) who are trying to foist “global warming” on all of us. The first one offers a discussion of the role that sunspot activity has on the earth’s climate changes. There is a clear correlation between the number of sunspots during “solar minimum” cycles and global cooling. We are now in a “solar minimum” period characterized by very low sunspot activity and this is a harbinger that our globe will be experiencing global cooling, not global warming. Indeed, one link cites actual statistics which confirm the earth is cooling, that the global icepack reached a record extent in 2007, and that the icepack extended even further in 2008. The severe lack of sunspots during a solar minimum is associated with catastrophic crop failures and deaths due to global cooling causing a shortening of growing seasons across the earth. One such “minimum” was the Maunder Minimum which is discussed in the fifth link below. Those wishing to know more on this matter can do a websearch for “Maunder Minimum” and “reduced sunspot activity” and find many links to review.

Revelation 16:8-9 prophesies that at the very end of this age, the sun will become exceptionally hot and cause terrible hardship on the earth. However, that time of Divine intervention in the sun’s radiant heat has not yet come. We are clearly in a cycle of global cooling at present. The Copenhagen conference about global warming is little more than an assembly of rich control freaks petulantly demanding that they be allowed to control the planet’s resources, trade, factories, etc. The fact that the earth is descending into a time of global cooling even as they hold their “global warming” conference tells me that God has a sense of humor…and a perfect sense of timing.