This post is to bring to the attention of readers two important stories from the Asian media which are not likely to be reported to Americans in the American media.
The first link details that a group of “southern nations” led by the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are pushing more firmly to have a new global reserve currency which will either replace the US dollar or at least remove the dollar’s dominance in global trade and monetary settlements. This move is being fiercely resisted by the “northern” group of nations led by the USA who do not want to yield their global monetary dominance. Russia is located in the far north of the northern hemisphere, but it is allied to the “Southern” group. This battle is becoming more fierce behind the scenes, and I urge readers to check out the largely-secret global machinations described by the Asia Times in the first link.
The second link details a surprising development. It examines a growing likelihood that Taiwan and Communist China will soon be trading their goods and services in Chinese Yuan and cutting the US dollar out of their mutual transactions entirely. The second link indicates that both Taiwan and China have good reasons to take this action, although there are still obstacles that need to be overcome. If Taiwan and China forge much-improved economic, trade and currency links, it will significantly lessen the likelihood of a military confrontation between these two nations in the future.
Both these links document that, unbeknownst to the vast majority of Americans, the US currency is steadily and gradually being removed from its global reserve currency role. More nations are trying to remove the US dollar from their mutual trading relationships. After reading the two links, it is not difficult to see that the US dollar is in global decline, and the Chinese Yuan is growing in global importance.
At some point in the future (and I make no predictions as to when this will happen), the prophecy of Revelation 17-18 will be fulfilled and the current, US dollar-based, central bank-dominated global system of commerce and monetary transactions will be overthrown by a group called the “seven heads and ten horns” in that prophecy. Revelation 17:16’s language more than hints that this will be a very traumatic event as the USA and its monetary allies will not yield power without an intense struggle. Indeed, armed conflicts might even be possible. An observation in Proverbs 22:7 (that borrowers are servants to lenders) confirms that global economic and political power is slowly moving from the Western nations to the Eastern nations due to the USA being such a gargantuan debtor to China. This fact puts China “in the driver’s seat” against the USA in many ways.
As I’ve stressed in previous posts, the “seven heads and ten horns” are not the Gog-Magog alliance. The seven heads and ten horns revolt against and overthrow a corrupt global monetary/economic system in the latter days, replacing it with what becomes the final “beast” system. I expect such military allies of the USA as Germany and India to be part of those “seven heads and ten horns.” The final beast system’s reign will be limited to a mere 42 months (Revelation 13:1-6). Many Christians expect a “seven year trib,” but the Bible makes it clear that the beast’s reign will end after only three and one-half years, when it is overthrown by the return of Jesus Christ at the head of a heavenly army (Revelation 19:11-21). The Gog-Magog war occurs at the end of the beast’s reign when this age comes to a close. The alliances of that war are prophesied and revealed by name in Ezekiel 38. The “seven heads and ten horns” are not named in the prophecy of Revelation 17-18, so we will have to wait and see their identities when they directly challenge and overthrow the current global economic/monetary system. That the BRIC nations and their allies and China and Taiwan are moving to remove the dollar from its dominant global role are further signs that we are getting closer to the fulfillment of Revelation 17-18’s prophecy. When that happens the consequences upon the lives and finances of Americans will be sudden, severe and unexpected. While my article, Is Babylon the Great about to Fall, Ushering in a Global Beast System?, was written after the near global economic collapse in 2008, its content is still very relevant to modern global economic trends, and I urge those readers who have not done so, to read what it says about prophesied events that lie ahead of us.