As readers know, a series of violent attacks which began against US embassies in Libya, Egypt and Yemen by Islamic radicals has spread to over 20 nations where Moslems are attacking US or western embassies and facilities. In Libya, the US Ambassador was killed as well as other Americans. The Egyptian government, now in the hands of a leader of the radical Islamic Brotherhood, seems to have been derelict in protecting the US Embassy. The US Embassy in Yemen was also attacked, but to the credit of the Yemeni government, it sent security forces to stop the attack. A US school was ransacked in Tunis, Tunisia yesterday. The German embassy in Sudan was set afire and the British embassy was damaged. This has happened so rapidly that it seems like a spirit of violent madness is running amok in the Moslem world. The entire non-Moslem world cannot help but look at Moslems in general with heightened suspicions.
This is all a very severe blow to the credibility of the Obama administration’s support of the “Arab Spring” revolutions in Libya, Egypt and elsewhere. It was the Obama administration that gave orders to the US military to conduct air strikes in support of the Libyan rebels who were trying to overthrow then-Libyan leader Khaddafy. Now some of those very rebels who received Obama’s support have now attacked the US Embassy, killed a US Ambassador and other Americans. Obama offered tacit support to the Islamic Brotherhood’s takeover of the Egyptian government by offering no help to the Mubarak government at all when it was threatened. Obama’s policies in Egypt and Libya have backfired very badly against him. This is also an election year. If Obama’s retaliations against Libya and Egypt are deemed “wimpy” by the US electorate, it could cost Obama the election. Remember, it was President Carter’s wimpy response to an attack upon a US Embassy in an Islamic nation (Iran) which led to Carter losing in a landslide to Ronald Reagan. You may read the stories about these events in these links [1, 2, 3, 4] as the story unfolded. The USA Today story cited has a title that was watered-down from the print version of the story. The print version of the same story bore the title “We Hate Americans.”
What has Obama done to respond to these unprovoked and lethal attacks by Moslems in Islamic nations that did nothing to protect the US Embassies, as they were required to do under International Law? Obama has done nothing significant yet to my knowledge to protect US interests and lives. Some in Congress are calling for a cut-off of aid to those nation, but Congress is so dysfunctional it is doubtful they will do anything. I heard Bill O’Reilly on FOX News last night calling for an immediate suspension of all US aid to Egypt through the rest of this year because it was “complicit” in the attack against our Egyptian embassy. A very reasonable suggestion in my opinion.
Attacking an embassy and killing an ambassador used to be a cause for war. America has every right to hit Libya with military attacks right now and use firm measures against Egypt because its radical Islamic leader refused to obey international law and protect foreign embassies. Indeed, many nations around the world will see the USA and the Obama administration as weak if they do not take such measures. However, the US military is worn-out already and may be stretched to its limits if a war breaks out between Iran and Israel.
In a related story, the government of Iraq (where the USA spent mega-billions of dollars and lost much blood to depose Saddam Hussein) is now siding ever-more with Shiite Iran now that US forces have left (see this link). This is a policy failure for both the Bush and Obama administrations. Iraq is now basically separated into three zones: the Shiite east ruled by the central government, and the Sunni west and the Kurdish north, ruled by locally-autonomous governments.
Now, how does this have any prophetic connection? I can see one. Ezekiel 38:5 prophesies that Libya will be allied to the anti-American, anti-western Gog-Magog alliance led by Russia, China and Iran in the latter days of our age just prior to the return of Jesus Christ. Libya had moved significantly to the western camp after 9/11 when Khaddafy began cooperating with western nations to suppress Al Queda. It was very odd the USA and NATO moved so quickly to get rid of Khaddafy when Khaddafy had done nothing to provoke the West. The USA and NATO used air strikes to help the rebels overthrown him even though the NATO commander acknowledged Al Queda elements were present in the Libyan rebels. There were rumors on the intenet that Khaddafi was about to introduce a gold-backed Dinar currency which would have been a grave threat to the dominance of the US dollar and the European Euro which are fiat currencies backed by nothing of intrinsic value. Maybe that is true and maybe it isn’t. I don’t know. However, the American/European policy in Libya has failed as Libyans have turned en masse against the USA and the West. Ezekiel 38:5’s prophecy that Libya would be in the anti-American, anti-western alliance now looks like a sure bet. As usual, the Creator God who wrote the Holy Bible is guiding world geopolitics to make sure all of his latter-day prophecies come to pass exactly as they were set down in the Bible thousands of years ago.