May 8, 2009

Steve Collins

Occasionally, I do a blog on miscellaneous military actions by the nations to inform readers about them. This is one such blog.
The first link reports that Vietnam is ordering “a small fleet of silent Russian attack submarines” to defend against the threat posed to Vietnam by…China. This is intriguing because Russia and China are strategic allies. Some readers may recall that Vietnam and China fought an intense but brief war with each other after the USA abandoned South Vietnam and Vietnam was united with North Vietnam. China tried to exert its power over Vietnam and Vietnam fought the Chinese army to a standstill. The link notes that “a good part of Vietnam’s patriotic identity is its righteous resistance to China.” This creates an interesting possibility. Ezekiel 38:13 prophesies that a group of non-Semitic nations will not join the Gog-Magog invasion alliance, and long-time readers of this blog realize I identify these nations as India, Japan and the “young tiger” nations of the Pacific Rim.  I had not previously considered Vietnam as becoming one of the young tiger nations. However, Vietnam has copied the export-driven economies of Japan (Tarshish–the “nation of merchants”) and the young tiger nations (the “young lions”). [If you haven’t noticed a “made in Vietnam” label on some of your clothing, you haven’t been looking.] Since China poses a growing and proximate danger to Vietnam while the USA and the West pose no such danger, Vietnam may be looking for some new allies vs. China. If so, it will; find plenty of nations willing to work with it.
The second link details China’s moving its currently-unfinished aircraft carrier into dry dock for more preparations to make it seaworthy. While an aircraft carrier would enable China to project more power against regional nations (such as Vietnam), I think the very desultory efforts by China to finish this aircraft carrier speaks volumes. China is pouring massive effort into building modern submarines and surface warships. China has invested little in aircraft carrier development. China has a very different concept of a war plan vs. the USA the USA thinks. As previous blogs have documented, the Russian supersonic cruise missiles, the sizzler, is being fitted onto Chinese naval ships. US aircraft carriers were not built with a defensive system that can defend against this weapon. Russia and China are also deploying ballistic missiles which would be fired at US aircraft carriers in any future war. I think China has decided that aircraft carriers will be as obsolete in a future war with the USA as battleships were in World War II, therefore, they have chosen not to waste money on building such vulnerable targets. How many dozens of supersonic cruise missiles and ballistic missiles can US aircraft carriers defend against? Unless the answer is “lots of them” US aircraft carriers and all their crews are doomed. Its that simple. Let’s hope (and pray) the Pentagon quickly deploys defensive weaponry to protect the carriers vs. such high-tech threats.
Ezekiel 38 has also revealed the Gog-Magog invasion plans vs. North America (the USA and Canada are part of the modern nations of the “house of Israel”–identified in Ezekiel 38 as the targets of the Ezekiel 38 attack in the latter days). Most Christians assume that “Israel” means the Jewish/Israeli nation will be the targeted nation in Ezekiel 38. That is flat-out wrong! If the Israelis were the prophesied target, the Bible would have used the term “Judah” in Ezekiel 38, not “Israel.” “Judah” means the Jews/Israelis (as in Zechariah 12 and 14, Zephaniah 2, etc.). “Israel” means the ten tribes of Israel in biblical terminology. My audio messages in the “speeches” link at this website gives abundant hard evidence from secular history that the USA, many NATO nations, etc. are the modern house of “Israel.” Russia and China are not even remotely considering an arduous naval invasion of North America. Ezekiel 38 reveals that they will come into North America via the north (Ezekiel 38:15-16) with their air forces and armies. This is very feasible if Russia and China start a war by seizing Alaskan airfields and ports and pour their army troops into Alaska from which they will quickly be sent south toward the USA. Their goal will be to “liquidate” all Canadians and Americans as quickly as possible to seize new “lebensraum” for Chinese teeming millions of people. They won’t be taking prisoners, unless they need some slaves to work to death in labor roles. 
Russian and Chinese planes and vessels would perform a 24/7 mission in pouring as many millions of troops into Alaska as quickly as possible to seize North America before it can mount a meaningful defense (EMP weapons have already have “fried” all electricity and communications in the USA at the start of this war). The third link reports China will soon control 1/3rd of all maritime cargo capacity in the world! They can put lots of tanks and troops in container vessels and send them the short distance from Russia to Alaska. The Russian and Chinese navy would form a defensive screen to prevent American naval vessels from coming into the North Atlantic to stop the invasion pipeline into North America. Keeping the US military foolishly deployed all over the world instead of in the USA to defend its home soil would be a vital Russian-Chinese goal. Presidents Bush and Obama have fallen into the “Gog-Magog” trap and weakened North America’s defenses. North America has become, as Ezekiel 38:11 prophesied, a “land of unwalled (i.e. “undefended”) villages.” Russia used to own Alaska. It knows the Alaskan waters and landmass rather well.
If the Pentagon wants to role-play a realistic war game of a Russian-Chinese invasion of North America, let them assume that at least one million hostile troops have been poured into Alaska and are heading south toward America at fastest possible speed with tanks and warplanes for support. That is the scenario prophesied by Ezekiel 38 to occur at the end of the latter days. Do you think this sounds far-fetched? The fourth link below offers abundant evidence that China is building tanks and combat vehicles which are designed from the beginning to be airborne. If China were invading its regional neighbors, this would not be a necessary design feature. However, to invade North America via Alaska, having lots of airborne tanks and combat vehicles is a necessary step. China’s war plans are deceptive but strategically most practical.
One more item. Is the western world seeing the “clear and present” danger posed by China and Russia? Hardly! Obama is cutting major new weapons systems like the F-22 fighter. The final link below reports that Germany, once a feared military power in central Europe, is rapidly destroying its military equipment. This link documents that Germany has destroyed 14,000 combat vehicles since the “end of the Cold War!” Who is monitoring the massive destruction of Germany’s military forces to make sure German disarmament occurs? Russian inspectors! It makes one wonder who really won the Cold War. No doubt, some readers of this website have, in the past, been in organizations which warned about the supposed military power of a “United States of Europe.” Its not happening. Not only is Germany massively disarming, previous blogs have documented that the French and British militaries are also in a sorry state. Such readers need to revise their expectations. The enemy is not our fellow NATO allies! The future enemy will be Russia, China, Iran and the other nations listed in Ezekiel 38. They have been preparing their invasion plans for some time. They would vociferously deny it of course, but their actions loudly speak otherwise.
Modern geopolitical realities confirm that Ezekiel 38’s prophecy is rapidly taking shape before our very eyes. This confirms that the God of the Bible who inspired Ezekiel 38 is controlling world events to bring them to pass exactly as he prophesied! I wish I had an easier latter-day message to present to readers. I really do. However, the truth needs to be told. Ezekiel 33 warns that people who know about imminent dangers have an obligation before God to warn others. If they don’t, God will judge them very harshly (verse 8). I see the prophesied danger in Ezekiel 38 taking shape, so I give others whatever warnings that I can on this blog as I lack the financial resources to do any more than this. I hope to stand before God in the Ezekiel 33:9 category–the “watchmen” who God blesses because they warned their countrymen when they had a chance to do so. Which category will you be in–the Ezekiel 33:8 or the 33:9 category? God has no “neutral” category. You will be in one of them. A decision to not warn others is a decision on your part to be in the Ezekiel 33:8 category.
How can you help warn others? You can have a personal part in getting the Ezekiel 38 warnings to others by (A) forwarding my blog and website links to other people and/or (B) sending donations to me so I can use them to get this warning out to people on a much wider scale. My immediate goal would be to advertise my website and books about the ten tribes of Israel in mass-market Christian magazines, websites, etc.  I’ll keep warning others with whatever resources God gives, but many more need to be warned. I can tell you that more people are coming to the website as the numer of “hits” at my website will soon be passing the 4 million mark for the last 12 months, and that has happened almost entirely without any adverstising efforts. If you consider it a priority to get the biblical truths and  prophetic warnings at this website out to others, you can be personally involved by sending checks or money orders to: Steven Collins, PO Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD 57109-8735.