I really wish I had better news, but you need to hear this. Everyone needs to hear it, but few will as the establishment press won’t tell you.

The links below are more typically included with the “bonus links” sent to the donors who support this website, but the information is so important that it needs to be shared with all readers of this blog. The writer of the article in the first link is a financial analyst who writes from outside the USA (indeed, it was sent to me by a financial analyst who lives in a third nation). The author of the first article does write with “attitude” and some typos, but if even half of what he asserts is true, it signals the impending death-knell of the current financial system.

The first article asserts that the dangers to the global financial system from the MF Global firm’s collapse are far greater and more ominous than is being reported to the masses in mainstream media outlets. It also shows the respective dangers to the big banks on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean from the Eurozone crisis. I’m sure all readers are familiar with the major crisis in Greek and Italian debt which led to the fall of both nation’s elected governments and their replacements by EU/banker-approved technocrats. There is a chart from the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) in the article that shows the American banks’ exposure to Greek and Italian debt derivatives is over three times greater than the exposure of all European banks combined! And you though this was only a European problem?

The article also reports that the COMEX gold/silver markets are in a state of de facto default due to the collapse of MF Global, a firm run by a former Goldman Sachs top executive, John Corzine. It states that “1.42 million ounces” of silver and “16,645 ounces of gold” are “unavailable for delivery” at this time. I’m just a layman, but that sounds to me like the COMEX is in systemic default and those of us out here in the masses are simply not being told because the repercussions are too awful for the elites to acknowledge. It also reports that there has been a large run on the deposits of large US banks, and that the withdrawn money has fled to small banks and credit unions. Although not mentioned in the article, much of that damage to the big US banks is self-inflicted, a result of depositors’ rage at the arrogance of big banks who thought they could get away with imposing larger fees on debit card usages without a massive customer backlash.

Germany is seen as the key nation in what happens in Europe. The Germans are reportedly “fed up” with bailing out their profligate EU partner nations with ever greater amounts. One cannot blame the Germans, in my opinion. Even an English source agrees with how bad things are getting. The article cites a report that the research staff at Barclay’s Bank has concluded that “Italy is now mathematically beyond the point of no return.” [I wonder if that could also be said about the USA, if the USA did not have the endless printing press money machine bestowed upon it by having the global reserve currency.] However, with German bail-out money comes German controls as well (this is always the case as lenders impose conditions and controls on spendthrift borrowers). By booting the elected governments of Greece and Italy, the Germans (and the EU) have effectively put those two nations into receivership. Their new leaders are not so much Presidents or Prime Ministers as they are “Receivers” put in place by the Germans and the EU elites. Spain may be next, according to the article.

Also worthy of note is the article’s assertion that the real consumer inflation rate in the USA is 11.1%, not the minimal to non-existent CPI increases ever-reported by the US government regardless of what happens in the real world. The higher CPI inflation rate is attributed to shadowstats.com, a private organization that computes the inflation and unemployment rates the way that all US administrations computed them through the Reagan administration, as I understand it. After Reagan, successive GOP and Democrat administrations have calculated those reports in a way to mask the real extent of the inflation and unemployment rates in order to make the US economy look better than it really was. The shadowstats.com site is often cited as the “go to” location to know what the real inflation and unemployment rates are in the USA, according to many financial columnists whose writings appear on financial websites. Do you think the US government tells you the truth on statistical matters? The second link was a featured FOX News link this week. It reports that the Obama administration “pressured” internal analysts to fudge the data on how many jobs would be lost because of an impending regulation. The second article explains how government statistical data is often “massaged:” by including false assumptions in the process which produces the eventual statistical reports released to those of us in the uninformed masses. If such deceptive manipulations of data are now openly reported in the mainstream US media, you can be sure the same thing is being done on all kinds of statistical information reported by government sources.

Revelation 17-18 prophesy that the current global financial/monetary system called “Babylon the Great” in the Bible will fall, and fall hard, in the latter days of our age. Its looking more and more like Germany, China, Russia, and others will be among the “seven heads and ten horns” which will eventually repudiate the current global system and replace it with a new global political/financial system which the Bible calls the “beast” system. The first article asserts vast fraud is being swept under the rug on Wall Street and in the balance sheets of Big Banks and sovereign nations alike. This is making many nations very angry, and that fact is hastening the impending fall of Babylon the Great.

I hope that you have begun making some personal preparations for this epic prophesied event which is drawing nearer to fulfillment…if even half the information in the first article is correct. If all of the article’s information is correct, a systemic collapse may only be months off, an opinion shared by the Chief Economist at Citigroup, according to the article. The vast majority will be caught unprepared and will suffer greatly. I hope that readers of this blog will make some preparations for this event so they will not be among those devastated by the collapse when it occurs. Do you think it can’t happen? It almost did in the Autumn of 2008. Even establishment sources said the global financial system came within hours of meltdown at that time. We have been warned. We are living on borrowed time. Frankly, I thank God each night for another day of “normalcy” as we have known it. However, I realize the time is coming when “normalcy” as we have known it will cease to exist. Do you?