This is a most interesting link to pass on to all readers. Glenn Beck, a very well-known media personality in the USA, proclaimed to his national listeners that the ten tribes of Israel, after their exile, went into Asia and then eventually migrated through the Caucasus mountains into Europe. He indicated that they were called “Caucasians” as a result of this geographic migration route. Mr. Beck indicated his belief that the modern Israelite nations were mostly the coastal nations of Europe and that the USA (and, presumably other nations settled by European colonists) were the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel.  
Glenn Beck once had his own CNN-TV program and was afterwards a host of his own program at FOX News-TV before his program was ended. His programs were most disturbing to the secretive elites who actually have access to many levers of power that even elected officials don’t have. His program threatened the secretive elites as they surely did not want the masses to know what Glenn Beck was telling them on his programs. Glenn Beck now has his own developing network called The Blaze. Several readers who follow Glenn Beck’s programs or website posts sent me this link. It is very well worth your watching! The information about the ten tribes of Israel begins soon after minute six of this video and continues to the end of the program.
 It is such heartening news to me that Glenn Beck has seen this fundamental truth about which so many Christians are unaware. If the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel came to widely recognize their true heritage as the biblical “house of Israel,” it would revolutionize the self-perceptions of not only individuals but of nations as well. It would also verify the Holy Bible powerfully as the prophecies about the Israelites’ future after their exile from the Promised Land in the 8th century BC would be seen to be completely accurate and fulfilled. This would prove that the Bible is the Word of a Creator God as only an immortal Creator God could control the destinies of nations to make sure that biblical prophecies made millennia ago are being precisely fulfilled today.
As many readers know, my books have presented overwhelming evidence in a well-documented fashion that proves the modern nations of the ten tribes of Israel are the Anglo-American, Scandinavian and many mainland European nations. Other European nations are likely the descendants of  Abraham via Keturah, his new wife after Sarah died. It is gratifying to see that a well-known American media personality now has many of these important truths as well. Perhaps we are reaching the time when it is God’s will for this truth to become widely-known in the modern nations. Such an awareness would revolutionize global geopolitics, to say the least.
I do not know what source Glenn Beck used to come to his accurate conclusions, but there is a “comments” section at the end of his segment. If any readers wish to do so, please add your comments at his link and let him know that my books firmly document and substantiate what he told his listeners. My books are featured at the homepage of my website and the four-book, comprehensive set is available in English only in printed form. My original book, The “Lost'” Ten Tribes of Israel…Found! is available as a downloadable e-book which can be ordered at my homepage via secure credit card transactions. It is also available as an Amazon Kindle book and in the Dutch language in printed format (link for Dutch-language orders is at my homepage). If you have not yet read any of my books, I urge you to do so as soon as possible so you can understand what Glenn Beck is coming to understand. As one radio evangelist recently said to his audience, my books on the ten tribes’ history are so well-documented that they would “stand up in court.”
Everyone needs to know this critical, but long-hidden, truth. Your friends and church-members need to know it as well. If you would like them to understand this truth and see the Glenn Beck video, please forward this link to them.