Hi Steve,

I hope all is going well. I just decided to search to see if you have
a web site… I am pleased to find it. I briefly met you in Seattle at the
2002 One God Seminars, … I was the guy who sat up front with the laptop
and recorded audio tracks. It’s okay for you not to remember me but I know
you are a very busy man.

Anyway, I wanted to find out if the folks that are able to give some gift
offerings for the film project, … is there any plans to make a special
these folks able to receive a copy of the finished products or interim etc.?

The costs for producing the project is vast compared to the pennies it costs
to make each set of DVD’s etc. I think it would be a good reward to helping
the main work go. Those who have not donated, later, obviously can pay to
make the product for sale as well and help that part of their work then.

Thanks… Pat Brady… Rogue River Oregon.



Hi Pat,

Your name ring a bell from the Seattle conference in 2002. I trust all is well with you!

Years ago, it appeared that there would be financing for a video project about the history of the ten tribes of Israel. I even participated in a trip to Israel in 2000 which was an initial step for that project. However, the financing for that project fell apart when the main funder had major reverses in his life and could no longer pursue the project. There is a grass-roots group at www.lampfirefilms.org which is trying to amass enough contributions to embark on a video project about the history of the ten tribes; however, such a project will not begin until sufficient funds are raised. You are correct that such a project will take a considerable amount of money.