There is a very serious development occurring within the western world and NATO that the American establishment media are not covering. If they are mentioning it at all, I have not seen it. The issue is, according to this link, that “Germany is steering towards a serious confrontation with the US.” This report comes from the German mainstream media so you can be sure Germans and Europeans are well aware of this impending breach between the USA and Germany.

The impending breach is due to the incredibly intrusive policy of the Obama administration having its NSA spy on not only all Americans domestically, but on, apparently, everyone else in the world too. News media reports have reported that the NSA spied on the private cell phone of German Prime Minister Merkel for many years. If so, this policy of spying on Germany’s leader may have begun under the Bush administration. Reports have also revealed that the NSA spied on millions of German and French citizens as well as many people in nations all over the world. A recent post focused on reports that the NSA can target a nation overseas and capture all of its phone records. If it can do it against one nation, what is to stop the USA from doing it against all nations on an on-going basis?

This link reveals that the USA’s intrusive global spying efforts are uniting the various German parties within its Parliament against the USA. Indeed, the “stubbornness” of the USA in not responding to Germany’s diplomatic questions about the NSA’s clandestine spying actions is clearly making the crisis worse, and is making the USA look even more the villain in global geopolitics. American Secretary of State Kerry attempted to sweep the matter under the rug by saying, “Let’s turn the page” on the matter. Fat chance! Such a dismissive response by Kerry to the very deep and relevant concerns by Germany can only anger the Germans even further. One German Member of Parliament said the “Iraqi war was tiddlywinks compared to our relations suffered through the NSA affair.”

This link also cites France’s President Hollande as returning “empty-handed” from the USA after his effort to arrange a “no-spy” agreement between the USA and France. In a display of what I believe the world will view as preening arrogance gone wild, US President Obama declared the US will recognize no “no spy agreement” with any nation. That means that the Obama administration intends to spy on everyone everywhere whenever it wishes. That is a policy that will soon leave the USA with no friends in the world. It’s too bad the US presidential elections are so far away. The USA badly needs a new president who will repair relations with the world and act in America’s recognized interests. Alienating the entire world and all our allies is not in the best interests of the USA.

Germany is also reportedly close to establishing a counterespionage office to protect itself from the USA and to spy on the US in return. Indeed, the link reports that Germany may soon put the USA on a level with China, Russia and North Korea in terms of being an intelligence threat. Germany may be about to treat the USA as an untrustworthy nation and the NSA in particular as a modern electronic version of the Nazi Gestapo or the East German Stasi.

All this is very bad news. It seems that this German-American breach is being caused entirely by the Obama administration and the US government. There is no indication that Germany is responsible for this breach. This breach is certainly wider than just between Germany and the USA. The out-of-control NSA spying and the Obama administration’s dismissive attitude toward justifiable concerns about it is certainly alienating much of the world, whose nations are doubtlessly watching the growing German-American breach with the same concerns as the Germans.

I’m reminded of the scripture in Luke 12:2-3 that “there is nothing covered that shall not be revealed…that which you have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.” The Obama administration is now learning the truth of this biblical promise by Jesus Christ. The US government thought its advanced NSA spying effort against all nations would remain a tight secret, but the Edward Snowden defection made all of Obama’s NSA spying efforts to be “proclaimed upon the housetops” of the global media. It may be that the Obama administration’s most serious secrets are yet to be revealed by Russia from the voluminous pile of NSA secrets brought by Snowden to Moscow.

I believe that the growing anti-Obama, anti-NSA anger that is clearly building among other nations will increase. It is entirely possible that much of the NSA’s spying efforts vs. Merkel and other global leaders was focused on looking for financial/monetary communications between global leaders to detect efforts to dethrone the US dollar, the dominance of the US Federal Reserve Board and Wall Street, adopt gold-backed currencies, sever the US dollar link to the petrodollar market, etc. Given that the duplicity of the Obama administration towards its allies has now been openly revealed to all, those types of anti-American economic/monetary actions are almost surely going to be hastened and accelerated. This entire development is almost certainly going to hasten the fulfillment of the prophecy in Revelation 17-18 about the collapse of the prevailing global economic/monetary system in the latter days and its replacement with a new global system. This tearing down of the prevailing (i.e. US dollar-based) economic/monetary system that will be spearheaded by “seven heads and ten horns” is prophesied in Revelation 17:16 to occur with something that in modern terminology would be characterized as “great prejudice.” The revelation that the Obama administration has been spying on innocent Americans, foreign leaders and massive numbers of foreign citizens has created a global and domestic backlash that is likely to be much stronger than anything Obama, the NSA or Kerry ever imagined. We may see shocking events unfold and global alliances change in a way that most uninformed Americans cannot now imagine. This trend may already be evident. It may be that the Obama administration is having such trouble arranging any coordinated response to Russia’s annexation of the Crimea is because the credibility of the Obama administration is likely close to zero among world leaders and nations about now.